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Our team is passionate about building progressive power in state legislatures, stopping voter suppression, and supporting Democratic majorities that can enact progressive policy. Getting the message out to communities, voters, and media outlets around the nation is a big part of our work here at Sister District. Our team members have been published or featured on outlets such as The Hill, Salon, NPR, Ms. Magazine, The Guardian, POLITICO, NBC News, Slate, The Intercept, VICE News, BBC World News, and even Jonathan Van Ness’s podcast “Getting Curious.”

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Salon Oped: Gaby and Mallory emphasize the importance of state legislatures in the future of our democracy just one day out from the midterm elections

The New Republic: Gaby is quoted discussing Sister District down-ballot roll off research 

Governing: Gaby quoted and roll-off research cited

CNN Oped: Gaby and Mallory highlight Democrats’ down ballot roll off problem 

Democracy Docket Oped: Gaby & Bela on the Downballot’s Implications for Democracy 

Capital & Main: Lala quoted warning folks of the looming Moore v. Harper case

Salon Oped: Gaby and Mallory emphasize how important it is for Democrats to win back state-level power

The 19th: Lala is quoted highlighting the impact of investing in down ballot races 

Washington Post: Lala emphasizes state legislative races should not be overlooked

MIRS News: Lala offers her expertise on the double standards women running for office face

Salon Oped: Gaby argues progressives must embrace state legislatures to make change

Insider: Gaby emphasizes the threat of the independent state legislatures doctrine

Insider: Gaby highlights the importance of building power at the state level

New York Times: Gaby discusses the leaked decision to overturn Roe 

Business Insider: State supreme court judges are facing ‘incredibly dangerous’ attacks for their decisions

Business Insider: Inside ‘the next big political frontier’ of state supreme court races

Philadelphia Inquirer: Gaby quoted speaking about the independent state legislatures doctrine – Versions of this article were also printed in Centre Daily, Penn Live, Pew Stateline, and

Salon Oped: Gaby highlights the role of SCOTUS and the once-fringe independent state legislatures doctrine

Salon Op-ed: Gaby outlines what progressive state legislatures can do to protect abortion access and build power

Jezebel: Lala quoted highlighting the fight to protect Roe at the state level


Cheddar: Lala highlights the fight for reproductive freedom states after the fall of Roe

Now This:  Lala breaks down what happens next following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade

Cheddar: Lala discusses the leaked decision to overturn Roe  

Act TV : Gaby discusses the threat of the independent state legislatures doctrine at 49 min


The Bob Cesca Show: Gaby returns for a final look at state legislature races, ballot roll-off, bellwethers for Election Night, and more

Stand Up with Pete Dominick: Gaby highlights what is at stake in state and local elections 

Gaslit Nation: Gaby talks about the Supreme Court case Moore v. Harper– what it means for democracy and state legislatures 

Qasim Rashid Show: Gaby talks about the outsized role of state legislatures ahead of midterms 

The Bob Cesca Show: Gaby discusses re-focusing attention on down-ballot races, fighting back against partisan gerrymandering, and winning back legislative majorities

Sunday Civics: Lala discusses importance of voting down ballot in midterm elections, and what is at stake

Getting Curious With Jonathan Van Ness: Ahead of the 2022 midterms, Gaby and Lala answer the question ‘Can State Legislatures Save Us?’

The Ronin Project: Lala discusses the importance of AAPI political representation the fight for reproductive rights in the states

Background Briefing: Gaby highlights state legislatures’ role in saving democracy 

Qasim Rashid Show: Lala discusses the abortion bans and how states can fight them 

The Electorette: Lala highlights the role of state legislatures in protecting Roe 

The Downballot: Gaby highlights the need for progressives to embrace power at the state-level

The Fun Police: Lala discusses the leaked decision to overturn Roe 

The Electorette: Lala discusses the confirmation of Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson and the importance of representation at all levels of government 

Make It Plain with Mark Thompson: Lala emphasizes the importance of diverse civic leadership  

Signal Boost: Lala highlights the important role of state legislatures 


Laura Coates Show: Gaby does a deep dive into Sister District’s research on ballot rolloff

SiriusXM– Michelangelo Signorile Show: Gaby spoke about the importance of down ballot races, election subversion, and independent state legislature doctrine.

The Briefing: Lala Wu highlights state legislatures in the fight for reproductive rights and democracy

The Lurie Daniel Favors Show: Lala emphasizes the importance of state legislatures and grassroots organizing 

The Laura Coates Show: Lala discusses the importance of diversity in civic leadership



NYT: Gaby discusses the enthusiasm gap

Ms. Magazine Highlight: Gaby discusses her with for state legislatures come 2022

Salon Op-ed: Gaby highlights the ongoing antidemocratic movement in state legislatures

The Hill: Gaby and Mallory expound on Virginia’s urgent lesson: Democrats’ down-ballot enthusiasm gap

Teen Vogue Article: Gaby is quoted discussing what Democrats should prepare for after the 2021 VA elections

The 19th Article: Gaby discusses the impact of organizing in statehouse races 

AP: Gaby emphasizes the importance of down ballot races in Virginia 

Ms. Magazine Op-ed: Gaby writes, “for abortion access, look to your state house”

WaPo Op-ed: Gaby highlights the enthusiasm gap between the GOP and Democrats 

Virginia Mercury: Gaby quoted sounding the alarm on down ballot races in Virginia 

Salon Op-ed: Gaby joins author Dave Daley to sound the alarm on state legislatures fighting for full power over election administration

Yahoo News: Lala quoted discussing the key role of state legislatures in the fight for reproductive rights 

The Guardian US Op-ed: Gaby explains how gerrymandering allows legislators to ignore what voters really want, and why experts fear it’s about to get a lot worse

PBS: Lala discusses women in politics and Kathy Hochul’s rise

The Independent: Lala discusses Democrats plan to save voting rights

Ms. Magazine Op-ed: Gaby highlights state legislatures a key battleground for reproductive rights 

Democracy Docket Op-ed: Lala explains why the U.S. needs more LGBTQ+ state legislative candidates

India West: Lala is announced as a new board member of AAPI Victory Alliance

Rio Grande Guardian: Lala makes a case for investing in long-term organizing ahead of 2022 midterms

CNN Op-ed: Gaby explains why Americans should have seen the Capitol riot coming

San Francisco Weekly: Lala talks about Sister Districts efforts to elect progressive candidates nationwide


The Conversation: Gaby highlights the fight for reproductive rights state legislatures

The Damage Report: Gaby discusses the bellwether elections in Virginia and the state’s Democratic trifecta at risk

The Young Turks: Lala emphasizes state legislatures’ role in the fight for reproductive rights

NowThis: Lala discusses Gov Hochul’s first address what America asks of women in power Gaby discusses the fight for reproductive rights in Texas and in state houses across the country Lala discusses redistricting and the key role state legislatures play in the process

The Young Turks: Lala discusses the Texas Democrats’ fight for voting rights


Brain Trust Live: Gaby outlines the importance of building the Democratic bench at the state level

POC Podcast: Jarvis on changing demographics and the 2022 midterm elections

StandUp! With Pete Dominick: Gaby discusses the the importance of state legislatures in the fight for reproductive rights

America’s Democrats:  Gaby Goldstein on why building a progressive future begins with state legislature

The Electorette: Lala discusses gerrymandering and building power in state legislatures 

Future Hindsight: Lala discusses building progressive power at the state level

StandUp! With Pete Dominick: Lala discusses the fight for reproductive rights in Texas and the uphill battle to win state legislatures 

Nicole Sandler Show: Lala discusses the redistricting process and gerrymandering 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness:  Lala and Gaby talk state legislature races, gearing up for the midterms, and redistricting

The Electorette: Lala discusses the importance of down ballot and legislative races 


SiriusXM–Laura Coates Show: Lala discusses what is asked of women who run for office 

The Thom Hartmann Program: Lala on Women’s Equality Day and our high expectations of women in power 

The Thom Hartmann Program: Lala explains Texas legislation attacking voting rights



 “Democrats gear up to fight gerrymandering after state House losses” – NBC News

 “5 Last-Minute Things You Can Do to Get Out the Vote for Biden” – Vogue

 “If a Democratic wave breaks over state legislatures, its effects will be lasting” – The Economist

 “Biden’s win would give Democrats 4 years of power. State legislatures could give them 10.” – NBC News

 “Grassroots Democrats Are Preparing to Swarm the Biden Administration” – The New Republic

 “Why national groups are giving so much attention to a state Senate race in the Twin Cities suburbs” – Minnesota Post

 “All Politics Is National, Especially When All Campaigns Are Online” – Governing

 “Morning Score: What to watch in tonight’s primaries” – POLITICO

 “Pandemic shifts political activism online” – Davis Enterprise

 “The coronavirus crisis is drastically changing the battle for state legislatures and could completely reshape who controls Congress” – Business Insider

 April 10th Playbook – Politics PA

 “During a Pandemic, Look for the Innovators” – Yahoo! News

 ” How Trump’s election has fueled a diverse new generation of politicians” – the Guardian

 “The loneliness of the resistance protestor” – The New Republic

 “Have Democrats found their ALEC?” – The New Republic

 “Did gerrymandering hurt Democrats down ballot in 2020? Yes and no” – Gaby Goldstein, Roll Call

 “Vote the whole ballot. The next decade depends on it” – CNN

 “To protect our democracy, Democrats must win state legislative elections” – Gaby Goldstein, The Guardian

 “Kamala Harris pick shouldn’t end the conversation on electing more women of color” – The Hilll

 “Abortion laws give Republican politicians what they crave — control” Rita Bosworth, the Hill




The Nation: “Democrats Are Finally Fighting for the States—and on Election Night, They Won Big” | Joan Walsh 

Washington Post: “‘I’m a carpetbagger’: Volunteers from safe blue districts try to swing Va. races” | Laura Vozzella and Patricia Sullivan 

Washington Post: “‘Blue wave’ or ‘left-wing mob’? Anti-Trump fervor fuels a new movement aimed squarely at winning elections.” | Michael Scherer and David Weigel 

Washington Post: “A new kind of grass-roots political organization?” | Daniel W. Drezner

The Economist: “The Democratic Party tries to regain control of state legislatures

POLITICO: “Warren and other potential 2020 Dems join fight to flip statehouses” | Edward-Isaac Dovere 

The Nation: “The 7,383-Seat Strategy” | Joan Walsh

Axios: “Dem civil war: The battle for their future in the Trump era” | Alexi McCammond 

Toronto Star: “Marches against Trump turn into a wave of Democratic women running for office” | Daniel Dale 

NBC:  “The anti-Trump ‘Resistance’ turns a year old — and grows up” | Alex Seitz-Wald 

The Hill: “The power of electing women at the state and local level” | SDP Founder Rita Bosworth & EMILY’s List Executive Director Stephanie Shriock

The Hill: “After demise of Supreme Court, states are the last line of defense for democracy” | SDP Co-Founder Gaby Goldstein 

Rewire: “This Is the Year to Care About State Legislative Races” | SDP Co-Founder Gaby Goldstein


Resistance School: Behind the Scenes interview with Executive Director of Sister District Rita Bosworth

Morning Joe on MSNBC: How Sister District Project works to turn states blue

BBC World News: Sister District on BBC World News


Two Broads Talking Politics: Sister District Project 

Getting Curious with Jonathan Van Ness: How do we flip red states blue in the midterms?

Bitch Talk “304 That’s What She Said + Sister District” 


Hawaii Public Radio: “2018 Women’s March Sends Power to the Polls” Jan 19, 2018