June 18, 2020
Our 2020 Wave 2 Candidates are Here!

Today, we are proud to share our second wave of 2020 endorsements. These 11 new candidates join our existing 19 endorsements for a total of 30 incredible leaders running in Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, and Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Michigan. Supporting these candidates will help us reach two of our strategic goals: flipping chambers blue, and making inroads into badly gerrymandered states.

To achieve our vision of a fair and just society, we must dismantle structural oppression in every form. Sister District’s contribution to this multifaceted effort is to win progressive electoral power in the states. All of our candidates are running in highly competitive districts with outsized strategic value. They also represent the diversity of lived and professional experience that we need in our elected officials.

To highlight just a few: Joyce Barlow is a registered nurse and Black woman who has been a leader on state-level working committees regulating assisted living facilities and other caregivers. Ricky Junquera is an out gay man, a millennial, and a first generation Cuban-American who is a Regional Press Secretary for Sierra Club. Amanda White Eagle is an enrolled member of the Ho-Chunk Nation who has served as the tribe’s Associate Judge, Attorney General, and Senior Tribal Counsel. Our second wave of candidates also include first generation college graduates, children of immigrants, a former foster care child, an elder care physician, a journalist, and a Marine Corps veteran.

Our 11 new candidates are:

  • Aleta Borrud (MN-26)
  • Amanda White Eagle (WI-92)
  • Celina Montoya (TX-121)
  • Christine Morse (MI-61)
  • Deb Andraca (WI-23)
  • Deb Ciamacca (PA-168)
  • Franccesca Cesti-Browne (FL-115)
  • Joanna Cattanach (TX-108)
  • Joyce Barlow (GA-151)
  • Julie Slomski (PA-49)
  • Ricky Junquera (FL-118)

We have matched all of our candidates to our 150+ volunteer teams and affiliates. Our community is already making incredible progress—to date, we have raised over $420,000 in small dollar donations directly to our candidates. In addition, our volunteers have already made over 50,000 phone calls and written 30,000 postcards to voters.

We know there is some dissonance celebrating new endorsements right now. But we also know that elections have consequences, now more than ever. We cannot achieve the structural reforms we need without leadership that shows up, stands up, and speaks out.

This year is shaping up to be a historic one. Thank you for joining us to elect strong leaders who will fight for a fairer, more just society.