August 12, 2020
Our 2020 Wave 3 Candidates Are Here!

Today, we are proud to share our third wave of 2020 endorsements. We weren’t planning on endorsing more candidates in 2020, but we’ve been blown away by the passion and enthusiasm our community has shown this year. So, we are expanding our map to support even more amazing state legislative candidates.

To achieve our vision of a fair and just society, we must dismantle structural oppression in every form. Sister District’s contribution to this multifaceted effort is to win progressive electoral power in the states. All of our candidates are running in highly competitive districts with outsized strategic value. They also represent the diversity of lived and professional experience that we need in our elected officials.

They join our existing 30 endorsements for a total of 34 incredible leaders running in Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, North Carolina, Arizona, and Michigan. Supporting these 34 candidates will help us flip chambers blue and fight gerrymandering. We are thrilled to see Biden choose a woman of color as his running mate, and know that we need diverse voices to help us turn out the vote all the way up and down the ballot.


  • Jasmine Clark, GA HD-108: Jasmine is a microbiologist and molecular geneticist at Emory University. She is the current incumbent for this seat, having won a narrow victory in 2018.
  • Sara Rodriguez, WI AD-13: Sara is a registered nurse and a healthcare executive, and has held leadership positions with public health departments at the local, state and federal level, serving as an Epidemic Intelligence Service Officer with the CDC.
  • Akilah Bacy, TX HD-138: Akilah is Houston native and former Assistant District Attorney. She now defends victims of employment discrimination, and serves as a pro-bono immigration attorney for children seeking asylum at United States borders.
  • Ricky Hurtado, NC HD-63: Ricky is the son of immigrants and a first generation college graduate, and now serves as an instructor at UNC Chapel Hill and the Co-Executive Director of an education initiative that helps first-generation college students and immigrant families.

So far this year, we have raised over $840,000 in small dollar donations directly to our candidates! Your support will help these highly strategic, but under-the-radar campaigns build strong operations to turn out every last voter, and win in November.