2020 Is Our Last Chance

We can end gerrymandering, build progressive power, and help defeat Trump — all by getting Democrats elected to state legislatures.


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Help us get out the vote!

We need help reaching out to voters and reminding them to get to the polls!
If you’ve been sitting on the sidelines, now is the time to get involved. Our democracy is on the line!
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What will I do as a volunteer?

You’ll help Democrats get elected to critical state legislative seats across the country by making phone calls to voters, writing postcards, sending text messages, and raising small dollar donations. And you’ll do it all while having fun with a community of like-minded activists!

With over 45,000 volunteers across the nation, we are one of the largest and most effective progressive grassroots organizations in the country.

Our 2020 Timeline

SDP's 2020 Timeline of Events

Our 2020 Timeline

Our Map

The 9 most critical states in the 2020 election

We’re going huge in the 9 states that are most critical for ending voter suppression and gerrymandering, while driving turnout to put a Democrat in the White House. Each of these states fits one of our strategic goals, along with featuring important U.S. Senate and Congressional races, and critical Electoral College votes.

We know our model works in state races—now we’re scaling it to defeat Trump, too. We’re supporting superstar state legislative candidates who will connect with voters on local issues, and drive turnout up and down the ballot.

Why Donate?

Individual contributions from people like you make up over 75% of our operating budget.

No amount of support is too small, and your help is crucial to allowing us to keep doing this critical work.

6 Things You Can Do to GOTV

GOTV has arrived! Here are the 6 things you can do this election season to help get out the vote in the 2020 pandemic era.

How to Conquer Your Phonebanking Fears

One of our superstar phonebankers explains how to find motivation, build skills, and make a difference by making phone calls to voters.

Election Night 2020 Do’s and Don’ts

5 lessons learned from throwing Election Night watch parties over the last 4 years, and some ideas based on our virtual events during the pandemic.