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Aisha Sanders

“Our district deserves a Representative that will fight for what we need.”

Sister District is thrilled to support Aisha Sanders bid for the Mississippi House of Representatives, District 96. Aisha Sanders is a native of Natchez, Mississippi with a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Kentucky, and aa Juris Doctorate degree from Southern University Law Center. As the youngest, first female and first African-American to serve as Adams County Prosecutor, Aisha’s passion for the law runs as deep as her commitment to improving the quality of life for all Mississippians.

Lighting the Torch for Change

Aisha is running for State Representative because she believes she can serve her community more efficiently in the State Legislature. District 96 was created to give a voice to the underrepresented black community in Southwest Mississippi. This district includes public employees, public educators, failing school districts, low income families, and citizens who are often overcharged and heavily policed resulting in disproportionate representation in the criminal justice system.

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Aisha Sanders, Democratic Candidate
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Why Aisha is Running

We sat down with Aisha to find out more

“It was a conversation with a Kentucky State senator that made me realize that to really influence the kind of change I had in mind, it would need to be done through policy. Ever since then, it’s like I have found my calling. I am able to fight for the people of my community. I have spent years trying to balance the scales and ensure that everyone is treated fairly.

I decided to run for office because I care about the people of District 96.

I am on a quest to balance the scales and make life fair for ALL Mississippians, not just a select few. We have to start somewhere, and I believe that education will take us to the root of many of the socioeconomic issues that we face in Mississippi.”

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Invest in Infrastructure

We are at a crucial crossroads and we must begin to rebuild District 96 if we want to attract jobs to this area. This begins with policy that is directed towards investing in our infrastructure.

Employment Protection

The way to a strong District 96 is to have a strong working class that is able to thrive and succeed. We have to protect the working men and women of our community.

Aisha’s Priorities

As a candidate for the state legislature, Aisha has made funding for public education, raises for teachers and state employees, job security for state employees and affordable healthcare for all, the cornerstones of her campaign.

Funding for Public Education

We must give our children a chance to succeed by ensuring that they have access to the best in quality education. Every student should be given access to the tools that they need to succeed.

Raise for Teachers and State Employees

Mississippi deserves to have the best educators and state employees, but we can only attract the best if we are willing to pay them what they deserve.

Affordable Healthcare for All

If we expand Medicaid, it will fund our rural hospitals. We will also be able to provide healthcare coverage to an additional 80,000 to 100,000 people in Mississippi.

Criminal Justice Reform

The criminal justice system needs to be balanced and fair. There are many societal issues that contribute to criminal behavior and we must address this at the root.