Candidates and Races

2018 Wave 3 Candidates are Here!

L to R: Candidates Alberta Griffin, Pinky Vargas, and Jenn Alford-Teaster.

We have added three amazing candidates to our slate of 2018 Sister Races. This brings our total number of Sister Races to 24. Watch for more endorsements in the coming weeks.

What is so exciting about these races is that each state we have selected brings great strategic opportunity for Democrats, beyond the opportunity to flip these particular seats. In Michigan, there is an initiative on the ballot this year to amend the constitution to establish an independent redistricting commission and to make voting more accessible and secure. In New Hampshire, we have the opportunity not only to flip the senate and a slew of house seats, but to also break up a powerful Republican trifecta state that is trying to obliterate the voting rights of its residents. And in Washington, we have the chance to go on the offensive and build on our slim margin in the Senate to build a progressive chamber that looks toward policies of the future, not the past. Energizing voters for our candidates will boost these larger strategic efforts.

In 2018, our volunteers have raised over $300,000 in small dollar donations for our candidates. Our 65+ teams have held incredible fundraising events and are also working the phones, writing postcards, and planning trips to knock on doors. This is how we are going to take back our country. If you want to get active and make meaningful, strategic change, join us now — it’s never too late to make a difference!

2018 Wave 3 Candidates

New Hampshire

Jenn Alford-Teaster, Senate District 8


Alberta Griffin, House District 61


Pinky Vargas, Legislative District 42