WASHINGTON — Today, one year after the horrific violence at the Capitol, Sister District reflects on its ripple effects and the ongoing threats to our democracy. Looking ahead to 2022, state legislatures are key to the fight for free and fair elections.

Sister District Executive Director Lala Wu released the following statement:  

“A year ago today, we watched in disbelief as violence descended on our Capitol. As the democratic process of counting electoral votes was carried out, Congress was attacked in real time and threatened by Republican enablers who, to this day, continue to fan the flames and deny the results of the election.”

“It bears repeating that the January 6th attack was not out of the blue. It was presaged by months of extremist activity in state houses across the country. We now know that state legislators were at the Capitol that day. Others in attendance have since run for office and are now elected officials.”

“A year on, the events of January 6th cast a long shadow–and these attacks on our democracy are ongoing. The Arizona “audit” led by Republican state legislators in an attempt to undermine the legitimacy of the state’s election results came to an end just weeks ago. Similar actions are only gaining traction ahead of 2022 and 2024.”

“Building power in state legislatures is key to thwarting attacks on the electoral process. We are unwavered in our commitment to this mission and this year it will be even more important.”