August 24, 2020
An Interview With Sydney Batch

Sydney Batch had just been elected to office when she was going through radiation treatment for breast cancer.

During one radiation session, Sydney learned that her radiation tech was pregnant, and Sydney immediately knew that she wanted to make her radiation tech a baby quilt. To this day, she receives pictures of and updates about the baby boy for whom she created that blanket.

Giving back to the community

That desire to give back to her community has always driven Sydney. While in college, she decided to pursue a law degree after learning that it could help her positively impact children and their families. Sydney and her husband later opened a private practice specializing in family and child welfare law.

Having established her own firm, Sydney made sure to promote that same idea of community within her business.

“It’s a very different work culture than some other firms,” she explains, “I really want to make sure that people who are working for me understand that we value their families.”

A family-positive work environment

In addition to creating a family-positive work environment where children are welcome and family obligations are taken seriously, Sydney makes a great effort to maintain a healthy work culture. Sydney’s firm pays for 100% of the insurance premiums for her employees – putting the principle of access to quality healthcare into practice.

Sydney is currently the incumbent candidate in North Carolina House District 37. As a state representative, she navigates the halls of power while keeping her community front and center.

Sydney’s role as a state legislator

“It should be a team sport, and I know that it has not been,” she says of the legislature, “when people can check their egos and attitudes at the door, we can get so much more work done.”

In her role as a legislator, Sydney strives for bipartisanship; working through differences and growing from them. She is committed to not letting partisanship be a roadblock to helping hundreds of thousands of families across the state through good policy.

These days, Sydney is taking a break from baby quilts. Instead, she and her sister are sewing masks for frontline workers.

“I find fulfillment in making other people happy, and feeling like I am contributing in some way,” Sydney remarks. She is running for reelection to keep that ethos in the North Carolina legislature.

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