AJ Kurdoglu

Arizona State Senate | District 17

AJ Kurdoglu moved to Arizona many years ago to attend Thunderbird Graduate School of International Management. After getting his MBA, AJ decided to stay in Arizona because he loved the state, its nature, its culture and most importantly its people.

AJ is a small business owner who built his business in the East Valley and has helped his neighbors through good times and recessions for more than 17 years. He knows the importance of small businesses for our communities, and he knows the challenges that small business owners and employees are facing daily. A vibrant economy and a dynamic workforce are essential to build a bright future for Arizona.

AJ is a product of public education. He knows how hard teachers work, how much of their own time and money they pour into their jobs, and how they need to be appreciated and supported by the community. Arizona’s kids and teachers deserve the utmost attention from their leaders. AJ believes that Arizona needs to fund its schools sufficiently and pay teachers well.

As a first-generation American, AJ has an immense love for our country and the state of Arizona. He cherishes the freedoms, opportunities, and quality of life our great country and Arizona offer. As an Arizonan, AJ believes that everyone should have access to a quality education, a great health care system, and a thriving community.

It is time to elect leaders who will put Arizonans first, fund our schools properly, expand voting rights, provide affordable healthcare, and protect small businesses and jobs.

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On The Issues

Supporting Small Businesses
AJ believes that small businesses are the backbone of Arizona’s economy. As a small business owner, he knows that reducing red tape for local businesses will help create quality, good-paying jobs that strengthen our community.

Investing in Public Education
AJ’s partner is a teacher, so he knows how overworked and underpaid teachers are. Arizona’s public school teachers are among the worst paid in the nation. The current legislature has chosen not to invest in public schools, causing Arizona’s education system to fall far behind those of other states. AJ believes that Arizona’s students, teachers and communities deserve leaders who will work to improve its schools.

As a State Senator, AJ will work to fully fund Arizona’s schools so that the state can recruit great teachers, reduce class sizes, and give students the supplies they need.

He believes that every student should have access to a quality public education right here in Arizona and that the state needs to ensure that college and trade schools are affordable in order to have an educated, retainable workforce.

Protecting Access to Affordable Health Care
AJ believes that no family should have to choose between buying groceries and going to a doctor. Arizona can increase protections for those with preexisting conditions and make healthcare more accessible and affordable.

He believes that Arizona should expand mental health support, increase the number of counselors in schools so that students are supported, and make sure mental healthcare is accessible to everyone.

AJ also knows that as Arizona continues to recover from Covid-19, leaders should use scientific guidelines to make decisions about how and when to open schools and businesses.

Climate Change
Arizona is facing more hot days every year, setting the record this year for the number of days over 100 degrees. AJ knows that climate change is a real threat to our way of life, our health, and our planet. However, he also believes that we can overcome this challenge by working together as Americans and as Arizonans.

Arizona must invest in science to increase energy efficiency and reduce the cost of renewable energy resources. The state must also protect its land and water resources and prioritize policies that will reduce carbon emissions.

Gun Violence
Arizona needs sensible, smart reforms so that people can feel safe at their schools, businesses, places of worship, and homes. AJ believes the state needs universal background checks without loopholes to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals, people with mental illness, and domestic abusers.

In The News

Battle royale looms in LD17, county seat races” – SanTan Sun News

Why This Race Is Important

To flip these chambers, Democrats need to win 3 Senate seats and 2 House seats. Momentum is on our side: in 2018, Democrats won a hotly contested federal Senate race and flipped 4 House seats, bringing the chamber to the closest partisan divide in decades. We can build on this energy to flip at least one chamber in 2020.

Flipping a chamber would break a stubborn Republican trifecta, keep Republicans from passing harmful and regressive legislation, and provide an opening for Democrats to advance their own progressive legislative agenda.

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AJ Kurdoglu

AJ Kurdoglu

Arizona State Senate | District 17

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