Ann Johnson Stewart

Minnesota State Senate | District 44 | Challenger

Ann is a civil engineer and businesswoman. She started a successful business in a basement over two decades ago, which is now a flourishing enterprise with 24 employees. She understands the importance of government-supported infrastructure funding, and her company has worked successfully with townships, cities, counties, and the state to build publicly-funded roads, bridges, and buildings. She is eager to bring her engineering and infrastructure skills to the Capitol.

Ann is also a teacher. For over 20 years, she’s taught at the University of Minnesota—Twin Cities and local technical colleges, creating and teaching classes to maintenance workers, engineers, tradespeople, and managers. These experiences give her insight into the challenges and needs the state faces when it comes to education, workforce development, and post-secondary training.

Ann’s also a wife, a mother, a stepmom, and a grandma, and has worked hard to balance a loving home and family with the demands of business, teaching, and community service. As a collaborator and teacher at heart, she knows that everyone’s perspectives should be represented and challenges addressed, and as State Senator will work diligently to ensure a voice for all people in all areas – especially those who currently have no voice and little power in government.

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On The Issues

Infrastructure and Transportation
A civil engineer by profession, Ann will fight to create a comprehensive, 10-year plan to fund improved infrastructure safety, to implement transit alternatives to decrease traffic congestion, and to increase funding for the Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant program.

Climate and the Environment
With the federal government taking so little action on climate change, Ann will advance Minnesota state government’s power and funding to address the threat of climate change and improve the health of the environment for her constituents. She is also interested in exploring incentives for homeowners to install solar panels in their homes, and to invest in other clean and renewable energy sources.

Ann cares immensely about public education and will fight to increase funding for the public education system, from pre-K through high school to public colleges and universities. She will fight to establish and support programs to help working adults earn higher education degrees and certificates to move into better jobs, including paths to construction jobs and other skilled labor forces.

Ann supports increased access to health insurance, regardless of where and whether an individual works. She will also fight to increase access to quality healthcare, especially in rural Minnesota. Finally, Ann seeks to ensure individual autonomy over healthcare decisions, particularly for reproductive health services like birth control and abortion.

Workforce Development
Ann will fight to increase employment opportunities and training for all workers and will fight for a statewide $15 minimum wage.

Reducing Gun Violence
Ann will work tirelessly to pass “red flag” laws and universal background check laws to ensure safety from gun violence.

Advocating for the Disabled
Ann seeks to advocate for inclusivity and accessibility for disabled people and their families, especially regarding public buildings and sidewalks that are not currently accessible. Additionally, she will address discrepancies in the quality of healthcare and benefits received by disabled people and their families.

Why This Race Is Important

The Minnesota Senate is our pick for the best Democratic chamber-flip opportunity of 2020. Democrats are down just 2 seats in this chamber, which has not been up since 2016. This means there are great districts that have trended towards Democrats since their last election, which are ripe for flipping this year.

Flipping this chamber would deliver a Democratic trifecta to the state of Minnesota, since Governor Tim Walz is a Democrat who is not up in 2020, and Democrats flipped the state house blue in 2018.

These are ‘last chance’ races: whoever is elected in 2020 will draw the next round of district lines.

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Ann Johnson Stewart

Ann Johnson Stewart

Minnesota State Senate | District 44 | Challenger
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