Celina Montoya

Texas State House of Representatives | District 121 | Challenger

Celina Montoya is a strong community leader with a successful track-record in the nonprofit, private, and public sectors. Celina’s commitment to her community has led her to serve as President of the Junior League of San Antonio, Chair of the San Antonio Area Foundation Women and Girl’s Development Fund, Board Member of Landa Gardens Conservancy, and a number of other community organizations and nonprofits.

A graduate of Alamo Heights public schools, Celina’s commitment to public schools goes beyond the boardroom and into the classroom. Celina worked her way through college, earning a degree in Journalism from Northwestern University. After years of reporting for Texas Public Radio, Celina left her career in journalism to start Literacy San Antonio, an educational nonprofit that is committed to increasing childhood literacy.

Celina is currently the Vice President of Community and Government Relations at Alamo Fireworks, the oldest and largest family-owned fireworks company in the state. She has spearheaded negotiations with state and local governments on behalf of the Texas Fireworks Industry to develop legislation that ensures the rights of small businesses and landowners. Celina grew up in a small-business family, and has amassed a deep understanding of the challenges associated with small business ownership and the importance of investing in long-term, strategic growth for small businesses.

Celina decided to run for state house in 2018, to take her commitment to public service to the next level. Although a Democrat had not run for this seat in recent history, Celina built a strong campaign and came close. She is back this year to finish the job, and bring her commitment to fully funding public education, expanding health care access to all Texans, and creating more jobs, especially in the small business sector, to Austin.

In her downtime, Celina can be found spending time with her husband and two children, who together enjoy the art, culture, and food of San Antonio.

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On The Issues

Investing in Education & Our Workforce
Celina knows that a well-educated workforce is the key to a strong economy. That’s why she founded Literacy San Antonio, one of San Antonio’s most successful educational nonprofits. As a State Representative, Celina will prioritize investing in public education, infrastructure, and the workforce in order to ensure continued economic growth in the state.

Expanding Healthcare
Despite the fact that Texas has the highest rate of uninsured residents in the US and nearly two-thirds of Texans support the expansion of Medicaid, the Texas Legislature refuses to expand health insurance access to 1.6 million uninsured Texans. When elected, Celina will work to expand access to critical healthcare for all Texans. She will focus on the state’s opportunities to provide veterans services, mental healthcare, reproductive healthcare, and service to children with special needs.

Creating More Jobs
Celina will support job creation by advocating for fair regulations and strategic investments in priorities that help the private sector grow. She will fight bad policies that place undue burdens on homeowners and small businesses.

Why This Race Is Important

Democrats need 9 seats in the Texas House to gain majority. That might seem like a lot, but it’s not – there are 150 seats in the chamber. Democrats gained 12 seats in the House in 2018, the biggest shift in the House since Republicans stormed through in 2010. Momentum is now on our side.

There are 9 House seats currently held by a Republican, where Beto O’Rourke won in 2018 (in some cases by as much as 60%). Even if we just won those seats, we could flip the chamber. There are other great pickup opportunities too, including in suburban areas where Democrats narrowly lost state house seats in 2018.

Texas is currently a Republican trifecta. Winning this chamber will break the trifecta and provide Democrats with a critical seat at the table for redistricting, so that Republicans cannot repeat the horrible gerrymandering that has kept them locked in to power for decades.

These are ‘last chance’ races: whoever is elected in 2020 will draw the next round of district lines.

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Celina Montoya

Celina Montoya

Texas State House of Representatives | District 121 | Challenger
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