Coral Evans

Arizona State House of Representatives | District 6 | Challenger

Coral’s family has lived in Northern Arizona for generations – ever since her grandfather migrated from Kennedy, AZ to Flagstaff, AZ because the lumber mill paid more. Today, Coral lives with her daughter in the house that her grandfather built.

Coral has been in public service for over a decade. She got her start when she ran for office to help save a much-loved community center. She succeeded in that goal, and has accomplished much more as well, as mayor of Flagstaff. She has seen people come together to support each other, schools, churches, and institutions; and to create home-grown solutions to local issues. During her tenure as mayor, she has brought a Veterans’ Home to Flagstaff, helped incubate small businesses, funded after school care, and expanded library hours.

Coral is now running for the Arizona State House of Representatives because she believes families deserve quality schools, small businesses need support to help them thrive and grow, and cities and towns need the freedom to make their own decisions. She has seen Arizona education fall to 49th place in the nation, small business owners fight obstacles to bring their dreams to fruition, and the Arizona legislature pass legislation preventing communities from solving their own problems. She will fight for a better future for all Arizonans as a member of the legislature.

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On The Issues

Coral believes that quality education is the key to the success of children and communities. A well-funded educational system provides an opportunity for every child regardless of their economic situation. High quality schools also provide extracurricular activities, advanced learning options, and a place to build community. Furthermore, law enforcement officers agree education is key to safe, healthy communities.

In terms of teacher pay, Arizona falls at 49th in the country for elementary school teachers, and 48th for secondary school teachers. The entire education ecosystem must be changed – beginning with quality, affordable childcare that allows parents to work without worry and children to thrive from the beginning. Teachers deserve a raise, they deserve to have enough desks and they deserve to have up-to-date materials.

Arizona spends less than the national average on every category of education spending – including infrastructure, transportation, and instructional support. Furthermore, Arizona has more foster children than any other state and Arizona’s student-to-counselor ratio is the lowest in the nation. Arizona is 46th in the country for high school graduation rates and the majority of third graders are not reading at grade level. Education in Arizona is broken and we need legislators that are serious about fixing it.

Small Businesses
99% of Arizona businesses are small businesses, and nearly half of all Arizona employees work for a small business – especially in northern Arizona communities. Coral believes that one of the most effective ways to create a strong economy is to make it easier for small businesses to start and thrive – not stall them with legislation designed for large corporations. She will be a strong advocate for small businesses; for the vision and hard work that makes them such an important part of the economy of northern Arizona communities.

Local Control
Over the last ten years, Coral has watched the Arizona legislature negate local decisions by passing legislation specifically designed to restrict communities from implementing local solutions to solve local problems and consolidating decision making power at the state legislature. Preemption laws hurt Arizonans’ ability to govern themselves. Coral will stand up for northern Arizona – her towns, cities, and voters.

Arizona’s public lands provide endless opportunities for recreation and cherished family time away from screens. Just as importantly, public lands also drive the state’s economy. Arizonans cannot risk contaminating this precious and unique resource. Investing in conservation and protective measures not only mitigates the risk of expensive and dangerous disasters, it also generates money throughout the region. Healthy forests in northern Arizona sustain Arizona’s surface water by capturing snow and rain and sending it downhill into rivers and streams. Federal, state, and local policies should work to protect and conserve public lands and wild spaces. Not only for future generations, but for the present health of local economies and towns.

Why This Race Is Important

To flip these chambers, Democrats need to win 3 Senate seats and 2 House seats. Momentum is on our side: in 2018, Democrats won a hotly contested federal Senate race and flipped 4 House seats, bringing the chamber to the closest partisan divide in decades. We can build on this energy to flip at least one chamber in 2020.

Flipping a chamber would break a stubborn Republican trifecta, keep Republicans from passing harmful and regressive legislation, and provide an opening for Democrats to advance their own progressive legislative agenda.

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Coral Evans

Coral Evans

Arizona State House of Representatives | District 6 | Challenger
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