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Harold Hayes

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives | District 18

Harold “Howie” Hayes is first and foremost a worker, and his interest in public office is deeply informed by his childhood experiences. The son of a Philadelphia Democratic Committeewoman, he has been knocking on doors for Democratic candidates since he was six years old.

Harold became an active member with Plumbers Local 690 when he graduated high school, and he appreciates and seeks to protect trade unions. Additionally, as a long-time Bucks County resident with two young sons in school, Harold plans to fight to increase funding for public schools and protect clean air and water for future generations.

The special election is on March 17, 2020.

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On The Issues

Harold Hayes has been a member of Plumbers Local 690 for many years and appreciates the value of trade unions. As state delegate, Hayes will protect workers and their families by fighting to defend a union’s right to collectively bargain.

With two young sons currently studying in Bensalem ISD, Harold understands the need for a properly resourced education. As state delegate, Harold will fight for better funding for local school districts, to restore public funding to K-12 education, and to enact accountability and transparency measures for charter schools.

Harold believes that all Bensalem families deserve access to clean air and water. As a longtime Bensalem resident, he is committed to fighting to protect the public health of all Bensalem families through common sense environmental policies.

Why This Race Is Important

We could flip a chamber blue

Democrats need to win 9 House seats to flip the Pennsylvania House of Representatives blue. Momentum is on our side: in 2018, Democrats broke a Republican supermajority in the Senate and flipped a dozen State House seats.  Electing Harold will bring Democrats even closer within striking distance of flipping the chamber blue in November. Winning this race will position Democrats for success up and down the ballot later this year.

Pennsylvania is also a ‘last chance’ state: whoever is elected to the PA state legislature in November 2020 will draw the next round of district lines.

Voter turnout in Pennsylvania is critical to win back the White House

Pennsylvania is a critical, perennial battleground presidential state. Before Trump won the state by 44,000 votes, or less than 1%, Pennsylvanians had voted for the Democratic Presidential nominee in every election since 1992. Pennsylvania is one of the “Big Four” states that are likely to control the outcome of the 2020 presidential election. Democrats have a tremendous opportunity to claim PA’s 20 Electoral College votes this year, with smart organizing, expanding the electorate through voter registration, and turnout efforts.

Sister District Policy Scorecard

This candidate has pledged commitment to the following statements:

  • We must protect a woman’s right to choose the health care and reproductive services she wants and needs.
  • We need to protect and expand our social safety net, not dismantle it.
  • We should pursue common-sense gun safety policies, consistent with the Second Amendment and local community standards and needs, which vary from community to community.
  • Climate change is real and we need to protect our environment.
  • We need to protect all members of our diverse community, and ensure that everyone, including the most vulnerable, is treated with fairness, justice, and equality.
  • We need to ensure that districts are drawn fairly and protect the right to vote, so that everyone can have a voice in politics.
Harold Hayes

Harold Hayes

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives | District 18
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