Jonathan Kassa

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives | District 151 | Challenger

Jonathan is a small business owner who has led national initiatives to increase campus community safety and victim advocacy for the last decade. Most recently, he partnered with other national experts and founded a company that leverages technology to increase equity and transform accountability and efficiencies in campus crime reporting.

Jonathan is currently a director on the North Penn School District Board, where he serves as Chair of the Facilities & Operations and Safe Schools committees. In that capacity, Jonathan has led initiatives in comprehensive school safety strategies, tax-payer relief for seniors, full-day kindergarten, and investments to improve the climate of learning and quality of facilities across the district.

Previously, Jonathan served as a national director at North America’s largest security services provider, and has led national nonprofits dedicated to safer campuses, juvenile justice, social services, and education programs, including having served as Executive Director of the Clery Center.

Jonathan graduated from Penn State University with an undergraduate degree in History, and earned a Master’s Degree in Public Administration from Villanova University where he was an adjunct instructor and Emeritus MPA Department Advisory Board member.

Jonathan and his wife Cathy have raised two children in the North Penn School District, and developed a passion for public service through years of volunteering with a number of community organizations.

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On The Issues

Education Funding
Building on his service on the North Penn School District Board, Jonathan knows that we must stop relentless local tax increases with fact-based fair funding for public schools. Jonathan will fight to ensure that the state pays its fair share so that all students throughout the Commonwealth have access to excellent public education.

Gun Safety
Jonathan’s professional career has been devoted to keeping kids safe at schools. He will bring this expertise to Harrisburg, and fight for policies that protect children and our schools – including through proven, common sense gun safety laws.

Health Reform and Affordable Drug Pricing
Every Pennsylvanian should have access to the health services and prescriptions that they need to enjoy good health and safety. Jonathan will fight to cap prescription drug prices and bar the hidden fees that harm working families.

Why This Race Is Important

To flip PA’s state legislative chambers, Democrats need to win 4 Senate seats and 9 House seats. Momentum is on our side: in 2018, Democrats broke a Republican supermajority in the Senate and flipped a dozen State House seats. We can build on this energy to flip at least one chamber in 2020.

Flipping a chamber would give Democrats a critical seat at the redistricting table, particularly for Congressional redistricting. Republican state legislators have brutally gerrymandered PA’s Congressional districts. And the political commission in PA that draws state legislative maps has also permitted terribly gerrymandered maps. As an example, in 2018, PA’s Democratic State House candidates received 54% of the vote, but only won 45% of the seats. We can prevent this from happening again by flipping a chamber and ensuring that Democrats have a voice in the next round of redistricting.

Flipping a chamber blue is especially important because the PA Governor does not have veto power over state legislative maps. So while Democratic Governor Wolf will be in office during the next round of redistricting, we’ll still need Democratic control of a chamber to have a say in the outcome.

These are ‘last chance’ races: whoever is elected to the PA state legislature in 2020 will draw the next round of district lines.

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Jonathan Kassa

Jonathan Kassa

Pennsylvania State House of Representatives | District 151 | Challenger
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