The word Gerrymandering in all capitals in blue

What is it?

Gerrymandering is strategic manipulation of electoral 

 "Maps" in all capitals with the bottoms of the letter disintegrating into actual gerrymandered districts.

It can establish a political advantage for a particular party,
and it can also discriminate against certain classes of voters. 

The ability to draw maps is a powerful political tool


Consider three vastly different electoral outcomes for a group of 50 voters,
depending on how their districts are drawn:

50 People

Graph representation of 50 people, 20 red square, 20 blue squares

60% Blue
40% Red

1. Perfect Representation 

Perfect Representation: 2 red districts, blue districts

3 Blue Districts
2 Red Districts 

=Blue wins

2. Compact, but fair

5 districts split to be compacts but fair

5 Blue Districts
0 Red Districts

= Blue wins

3. Neither compact nor fair

5 district that are neither compact nor fair

2 Blue Districts
3 Red Districts

= red wins

How is it done?

concentrating as many of the opposing party’s supporters into as few districts as possible.

A map of district 13 in Pennsylvania, a badly gerrymandered district that demonstrates packing

Pennsylvania’s 13th Congressional District was packed to create a heavily Democratic district, resulting in an odd shape that specifically excludes certain areas.

A visual representation of "cracking" in which each letter in the word cracking is separated further than necessary


District 7 in Pennsylvania, a badly gerrymandered district demonstrating cracking

Gerrymandered boundaries spread poor urban communities out among suburban and rural areas.

Pennsylvania’s 7th Congressional District was one of the most gerrymandered districts
in the country before 
PA Supreme Court declared it unconstitutional in 2018.

Join the fight for fair maps!

happens in 2021

the people we elect to our

state legislatures

will draw the district maps

for the next 10 years


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