Help Us Get Out the Vote in 2020!

November 3 is Election Day. This year, we’re leaving it all on the field – help us drive Democratic turnout down and up the ballot to end gerrymandering and defeat Trump!

What You Can Do Right Now

Right now, the most effective way we can get voters to the polls is by calling them on the phone. This year alone, Sister District volunteers have made over 350,000 phone calls. From training to dial efficiency, we have this down to a science (and as Democrats, we love science!).

Help us reach our phonebanking goal!

750000 Dials

Why Phonebank?

Phonebank. It’s worth it.

Phonebanking is our most important remote tactic for reaching voters. While we can’t canvass in person, phonebanking matters now more than ever.
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Our Top 6 Ways to GOTV

Bite-Sized Recommendations

Help out get out the vote this election season by postcarding, texting, fundraising, phonebanking, and canvassing.
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Our GOTV Research

Get More Votes, More Effectively

We review current social science recommendations for GOTV messaging, and research-based recommendations for messaging in general.
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Can candidates still use donations?

In a word, YES! It’s no secret that Republicans want to win as much as we do – and they’re experts at pour millions of late dark money into elections. Especially this year, when canvassing is extremely limited due to the pandemic, campaigns are going heavy on their digital ads programs. They can quickly turn October donations into online outreach. *


*Sister District Candidate fundraising closed midnight of October 27th, 2020

Best Practices: How to Get Voters to the Polls

Getting out the vote is the last phase of voter messaging. Campaigns have already persuaded as many people as they can to vote for their candidate – all that’s left to do is make sure those voters get to the polls.

Election Night 2020: Where Will You Be?

How to Plan Your Election Night Party

We all remember where we were on Election Night 2016, but where will you be this year? It’s a night that can be fun, stressful, and suspenseful all at the same time. Read our list of 5 recommendations for making your virtual Election Night watch party a success.

Election Night Results Texts

We’ll be texting out updates about each of our candidates on Election Night.
Text NOV3 to (833) 602-8124 to opt in!

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