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2020-09-10 HQL Update

HQL Update: Get Ready for New Volunteers! Plus Racial Equity Training Survey, Phonebank Special Guests, Volunteer Leader Call, and More

HQ Liaisons,

Election season is officially here! Ballots dropped in North Carolina last week, and other states are soon to follow.

Here at Sister District, you’ve laid the groundwork for a huge blue wave of wins this November. Volunteers are trained and energized. We’ve got recurring phonebanks for days. Plus, our record-breaking fundraising continues to be critical—these funds will boost the final field and digital pushes needed to get candidates over the finish line.

Let’s do this thing. 53 days to go!


P.S. ICYMI: Back issues of the HQL Update are now available in the Resource Library, starting from June. Organizing → HQL Update Archives. Today’s issue will be uploaded by Monday.



  1. Need a Phonebank?
  2. Get Ready for New Volunteers
  3. ICYMI – Adding Zoom Registrants
  4. Phonebank Special Guests
  5. Racial Equity Training Survey
  6. ICYMI – Social Squad


  1. Volunteer Leader Call – Thu. 9/17


  1. Facebook Group & Slack
  2. Resource Library Corner: Phonebank Battle Case Study



Did you know that you can be a phonebank hero without hosting your own phonebanks? Yes, it’s true

We have 40 (!) recurring phonebanks that are ready to welcome your team or affiliate’s volunteers. All you have to do is “adopt” one or two of these, and share them with your group! You don’t even have to attend yourself, though we hope you will—just give the host a heads up so they know to welcome your folks.

We’re also spinning up a series of HQ phonebanks. Our primary audience is what we call the Community Team (aka folks on our list who don’t live in an area with an active team), but everyone is welcome to join, and you could adopt these as well!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to your organizing staffer.


ATTN: Welcome Wagon leads! We’ve rounded the corner on Labor Day, so we’re going to see an influx of new volunteers. These will come organically, as well as from HQ via bulk additions of partner events like Training to Win, Mobilize event sign-ups, ActBlue donors, etc. We’re about to do some large batch adds, so be on the lookout for new sign-ups!

The best thing we can do for our candidates with this fresh capacity is to reach out personally to activate these folks right away. If you want help dialing in your Welcome Wagon game, please reach out to your organizing staffer, Neal, Leif, or Taylor.

Top suggestion: Ask one or more leaders to send an email (and make a call, if time!) to new sign-ups. As an example, here’s SD North Carolina’s template:

Welcome NAME!

You’re right on time to help us get our great candidates over the finish line. Next steps are:

1. Join us to call voters! Phonebanking is our #1 tactic; we run a very effective phonebank every Tuesday. Give it a try! Will be great to meet you. Sign up here.

2. Donate to help our five NC candidates build winning Get Out The Vote Programs:

Thank you for jumping right in, you’ll love this group. Let me know if you have questions or thoughts about other ways you might help.

See you soon!



Speaking of, we want to make sure that every possible volunteer is on your team and has the opportunity to take action. Help us do this by uploading spreadsheets (CSV format) of your Zoom registrants from past events into this folder. Please use this naming convention: [YY-MM-DD] [Team name] [Fundraiser OR Phonebank].

In the next few weeks, we’ll get any new volunteers added to our database and, if their zip code is within your team boundaries, your team!


Promoting a special guest can be a great way to boost attendance at your phonebanks. Get creative: who do you know? And if you’re interested in a potential Hamilton connection, we’re friends with the folks from Swing From Home—give us a holler!

Also always on offer: teams have had great experiences with Head of Organizing Neal as a guest trainer / pep talk giver. He’s even happy to make a video like this to help you promote. Reach out if you’re interested… and, as Neal says, Dial Like The Wind!™


As part of our anti-racism work, we are working with AORTA to bring you a racial equity training. Please complete this survey by next Friday, September 18 so that we can develop a training that serves your needs and interests.

Please share this with other leaders and volunteers!


Are you responsible for your team’s social media? If so, please join the Social Squad! Sister District will be ramping up our digital presence over the next few months and we need your help.

As a member of the Social Squad, you’ll receive weekly updates and an ongoing list of social posts you can leverage for your team’s communications.

Learn more about the program in the Social Squad Program Guide and join here!



Join us for Phonebanking At The Edge of Greatness: Part Deux. In this GOTV prep call, we’re going to workshop best practices to increase efficiency and attendance at phonebanks. Plus, Ariana Rodriguez, Social Media and Content Manager, will join us to share top recommendations for how to best leverage social media to drive results in this final stretch.

For this and more, join us on Thursday, September 17 at 5pm PT / 7pm CT / 8pm ET. Register here.

Volunteer Leader Calls occur on the third Thursday of each month. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. Calls are open to all District Captains and Affiliate leaders. These calls are recorded and can be accessed via the Resource Library.



Reminder! We have a private Facebook group for Volunteer Leaders where we share timely updates from HQ, and you can connect with leaders from other teams. Now is the perfect time to add fellow leaders to the group!

And, if you’d like to add leaders to the leader Slack channel, or want to join Slack yourself, please reach out to Faith,


This week, we’re highlighting a recent case study on phonebank battles. Learn how the Oregon teams nearly DOUBLED their attendance by engaging in a friendly competition with the East Bay. Not only did both teams boost their impact to candidates, but they had a lot of fun too! Contact your organizing staffer to spin one up in time for GOTV.

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