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2020-11-05 HQL Update

Subject: HQL Update: Election Initial Analysis, End-Cycle Survey, Post-Election Debrief, and more!

HQ Liaisons,

Joe Biden is on track to be elected as the next President of the United States! The voters have decided, and this is a win for all Americans. We will move forward together.

Make no doubt about it—you all played an important role in this momentous victory. Our Pennsylvania candidate Britney Rodas captures it nicely:

I am so proud of our Commonwealth and the part that down-ballot candidates played in flipping multiple districts and counties blue for Biden.

And it’s not just Pennsylvania. Look at the wins in Arizona, Michigan, and Wisconsin, and how close things are in North Carolina and Georgia (!!). Even if your candidates didn’t win, you made a difference, and you are powerful.

At the state legislative level, there is still much to unpack. Gaby starts to do just that in her first post-election blog post, hot off the presses today. Read it, then take a break—you deserve it.




  1. Team/Affiliate End-Cycle Survey
  2. Election Analysis
  3. Georgia


  1. The State of the States – Tue. 11/10
  2. Holiday Party – Wed. 12/9
  3. 2021 Sister District Summit – Fri.-Sun. 2/5-7


  1. Social Squad
  2. Resource Library Corner



It’s that time again! Please coordinate with your fellow leaders to review the Team/Affiliate End-Cycle Survey and fill out one per team by Friday, November 20. We’ve streamlined the questions so it should be less cumbersome than in the past.

One innovation: we have compiled the team/affiliate metrics we have on record into a Metrics Master Summary. Instead of submitting your metrics in the survey, you’ll just review the summary to confirm the data and fill in any blanks.

Organizing staffers will be following up soon to schedule individual conversations with your leadership team in December. Thank you so much for participating—this is a critical tool for helping Sister District improve, and planning for the year ahead.


Read Political Director Gaby Goldstein’s preliminary analysis of what happened at the state legislative level, and Sister District’s role. Here are a few toplines that we should all be very proud of:

  • We raised $1,833,155.88 from 66,667 donations (154% increase in fundraising and 186% increase in number of donations over 2019), an average of $45,128.32 per Sister Race and a median of 8.37% of a candidate’s total raise.
  • We made 708,573 phone calls to voters (up 244% over 2019). We made an average of 34.45% of each of our candidate’s total calls. For 8 candidates, we made over 64% of their calls.
  • We sent 318,754 postcards and letters to voters (up 58% over 2019). We sent an average of 59.48% of a candidate’s total postcards. For 6 candidates, we sent 100% of their postcards.

You can also check our Election Night Tracker for information on races that still have not been called.


As you know, Sister District focuses exclusively on state legislative races. We are not getting involved in the Georgia runoffs, but we understand that you may be interested in learning more.

To that end, we wanted to share this event featuring Rev. Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossoff and their staff on Monday, November 11, hosted by Manny’s, which hosted our 2019 Summit. They will discuss the state of their campaigns, and talk about how folks can get involved. Please note, this is not a Sister District activity, and we have no role in this event—we are just passing the information along.

This is not an ask, and there is no expectation that you take any action here. But if you do decide to raise money for these races, please let us know so we can create ActBlue links for you and these funds will show up in your Fundraising Portal.



Join Sister District Project leadership for an early analysis of our 2020 election impact. We’ll take a closer look at Sister District’s electoral toplines, examine the post-election state legislative landscape, and discuss some of the cycle’s broader trends and outcomes. Guests will also get a sneak peek at what’s next for Sister District! This is open to all volunteers. Register Here.

  1. HOLIDAY PARTY – WED. 12/9

Save the date! We’re having a holiday party to celebrate all of you, featuring live and specially recorded performances from Hamilton cast members. This is open to all volunteers. We’ll circulate an RSVP in a future HQL Update.

  1. 2021 VIRTUAL SUMMIT – SAT.–SUN. 2/6–27

We’ll be holding our annual Sister District Summit on Saturday, February 6 to Sunday, February 7. This will be a virtual event, and will likely run for four hours on each weekend day. (We will wrap up before the Super Bowl begins.) We may have some additional optional programming on Friday. This is open to all volunteers. We’ll circulate an RSVP in a future HQL Update.



Check out the Social Squad guide for images and sample content, including messaging to help you talk about losses. If you need any help or have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out.


This feature will be back later. It’s currently out dancing on the streets.

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