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2021-2-18 HQL Update

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HQL Update: New 2021 Roadmap & Recruitment Messaging, Summit Resources, and Farewell to Rita. Plus Leader Call Tonight!

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Bittersweet is the word I can’t get out of my head today. As we’re preparing for Rita’s departure at the end of this month after four years of her visionary leadership, we’re also taking some time to reminisce. Join us by signing her virtual farewell card! (And don’t tell her, it’s surprise ?)

We’re also saying goodbye today to our wonderful Operations Associate, Faith Lowe, who will be joining the Biden/Harris Administration! We’re going to miss her, but are also grateful for everything she has contributed to Sister District, and excited for what she’ll do next.

And to top it all off, this is the last HQL Update that you’ll receive from me; your next update will come from Gaby Goldstein, our interim Organizing and Political Director as of March 1, when I’ll be taking the helm as the next Executive Director. If you want to learn a little more about me and why I’m so excited for the work that lies ahead, check out my Summit remarks.

Thank you all for being such incredible leaders. It is an honor and a privilege to work with you, every single day.

See you out on the field!




  1. Summit Resources
  2. State Bridges
  3. Farewell Card for Rita
  4. Faith’s Last Day


  1. Volunteer Leader Call – Thu. 2/18
  2. BIPOC Working Group – Thu. 3/4
  3. Political Director Call – 3/10


  1. 2021 Roadmap – NEW!
  2. 2021 Recruitment Messaging Memo – NEW!
  3. Resource Library Corner: Making the Ask



Thank you to all of you who attended the Summit and made it such a great success! You can now find all available recordings and slide decks, as well as additional resources from keynote Anat Shenker-Osorio, at These will stay on the summit web page until next year and permanently live in the Resource Library!


We’ve seen in recent years that progressive victories are possible in purple and red states like Arizona, Georgia and Virginia, when we support local power-building organizations and the activists that lead them. Long-term community-based organizing, often led by people of color, is a key to building progressive power in state legislatures. That’s why we’re thrilled to launch the State Bridges program, which creates a way for teams and affiliates to fundraise for select partner organizations doing this work in our 2021 and 2022 target states. The strategy is clear: with greater resources, our partner organizations on the ground can do more, which will help our candidates tremendously.

Sister District will organize virtual fundraisers throughout the period of March to August 2021, at least one for each of our selected organizations. Teams and affiliates will have the opportunity to fundraise for the organizations by promoting these events. Each event will feature speakers from the partner organization, SDAN, and the team/affiliate Host.

There are two ways for teams/affiliates to get involved in the State Bridges program: be a Host, or be a Co-host. Hosts spearhead the promotion of the event, bringing attendees and donors; they also take on speaking roles at the events. Co-hosts also promote the event to their local members. Both Hosts and Co-hosts will be able to track the money they raise in their respective Fundraising Portals.

If this sounds interesting to you, then check out the State Bridges program summary for more details. And when you’re ready to sign up to be a Host, please fill out this form by Thursday, February 25 to let us know which states your team is most interested in. To ensure adequate coverage of our selected organizations, we will be matching Hosts to specific events.


After four amazing years, Rita’s last day is next Friday, February 26. We don’t have the words to describe how grateful we are for her visionary leadership, but that’s not going to stop us from trying! Please take a moment to sign our virtual farewell card, and feel free to add any photos or fun memories. And shhhhh… this is a surprise!


We are tremendously proud to share that our Operations Associate Faith Lowe will be joining the Biden Administration later this month. Today is her last day, and tomorrow she will be serving as the Deputy White House Liaison for the Department of Homeland Security.

Faith first joined us in April 2019, and has been an incredible asset to our community every single day of her tenure. Sister District will be losing a truly invaluable member of our team, as her passion, strategic thinking, wonderful attitude, and hard work has been critical to everything we do. But we are so excited for her, and the Administration—and the country!—is so lucky to have her. We’re looking forward to staying in touch and seeing everything she does next.



Please join us tonight at 5pm PT / 8pm ET! Ore Obiwumi will be stopping by to discuss the State Bridges program and how your team/affiliate can get involved. We’ll workshop recruitment messaging for 2021, and take a spin through our month-by-month 2021 organizing roadmap. (See below for a preview!) Please invite any active 2020 volunteers you’d like to encourage to be more involved as organizers of your team!

Register for the Volunteer Leader Calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the third Thursday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates and are recorded. Find past recordings and notes in the Resource Library.


We have relaunched our monthly BIPOC volunteer meeting as a working group to help Sister District achieve a more inclusive and equitable organization. Our next convening will be on Thursday, March 4 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET — please note the new time.

If you identify as BIPOC, we hope that you’ll join us! Please register here, and feel free to share this with fellow leaders and volunteers.


Our next Political Director Call will be on Tuesday, March 10th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

Register for the Political Director calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates but are NOT recorded.


  1. 2021 ROADMAP – NEW!

To aid organizers in planning, scheduling, and preparing for the election cycle, the Organizing Department has released two versions of the 2021 Roadmap. 2021 Roadmap – Visual provides a full-cycle month-by-month chart broken into tactics related to Power Building, Fundraising, and Voter Contact. As a companion to the visual representation, the long-form 2021 Roadmap: February-May provides greater detail on the first four months of the 2021 cycle, Feb-May, to help us get our leadership teams, organizing programming, and processes off the ground.


We have an exciting year ahead of us! How do we approach making compelling and effective invitations to fire people up and loop them in? What particular messages about our programming in 2021 might resonate? In addition to our 2021/2022 Strategy, this 2021 Recruitment Messaging Memo is a good place to start. We also encourage you to review the video of Anat Shanker-Osorio’s Summit keynote session on messaging, as well as the memo On Recruiting & Inviting, newly added to the Resource Library.


Every issue, we highlight a different resource in the Resource Library that you might have missed.

We’ve added new materials on making fundraising asks! Were you also wowed by Sister District DC/VA/MD leader Rachel Madan’s exceptional fundraising ask at the 2021 Summit? Please visit the Making The Ask section of the Resource Library for full documentation! Find the 10min video here, and a companion Case Study with Rachel’s tips and full script here.