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2021-3-18 HQL Update

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HQ Liaisons,

Earlier this week, we were rocked by the news of deadly shootings in Atlanta, which killed eight people, six of whom were Asian and all but one of whom were women. This is just the latest in a surge of xenophobia and racism against the AAPI community. We stand in solidarity with the AAPI community and, as we make clear in our statement on the shootings, we will continue to work tirelessly to elect state leaders who will hold those who have done harm to account, and to build safer communities through healing and solidarity.

Our mission to build progressive power in our states is more urgent than ever, and we are working on a number of great initiatives here at Sister District. This includes continuing to build out our State Bridges program and gearing up for our Wave 1 candidate endorsements in Virginia next month. It’s going to be an exciting year, and as always, we are thrilled to be on this journey with each of you. Thank you for all you are doing.




  1. Statement on the Atlanta Shootings
  2. State Bridges Updates
  3. Action Network Rollout Update
  4. Virginia Race Rollout Update


  1. Leader Call – 3/18 TONIGHT
  2. Political Director Call – 4/13
  3. BIPOC Volunteer Working Group – 4/1


  1. Resource Library Corner: Promoting HQ and Other Team Events in Mobilize



We are devastated by the shootings that occurred in Atlanta earlier this week, killing eight people, six of whom were Asian, and all but one of whom were women. We are outraged that this is just the latest instance in a surge of xenophobia and racism against the AAPI community. Please read our statement and share with your volunteers.


Current Schedule:

  • April 7 — New Virginia Majority. SD CA Peninsula and SD NYC will Host. All Co-Hosts welcome!
  • April 29 — Texas Organizing Project. SD San Francisco and SD Marin will Host. All Co-Hosts welcome!
  • May 19 — Florida Rising. SD Sonoma County East and SD East Bay will Host. All Co-Hosts welcome!
  • June 1 — Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). Hosts TBA. All Co-Hosts welcome!

Key links:

Mobilize URL

State Bridges page:

State Bridges program guide

ActBlue Request Form
Promotional Graphics

NEW! Get State Bridges on your team’s Mobilize page

Use the Mobilize “promote organizations” feature! Your team’s instance of the event page will have your logo, and appear to visitors like it’s your team’s event. You’ll have a unique URL to recruit people to sign up on your page. People who do will be added to the central HQ Mobilize signup list like everyone else, but an administrator on your team’s Mobilize account will be able to monitor sign-ups specifically created by your team. Your signups will not receive duplicate confirmations and reminders. Those who sign up through your event instance who are not currently on your list in Action Network will be added automatically. Please see the “Promoting HQ and Other Team Events” section in our How-To: Mobilize guide for steps.

Get Involved:

If you’re not an event Host, there are two ways you can help these organizations:

  • Raise money unrelated to, or in addition to, the Event Series. Request your own unique ActBlue link for any and all organizations, and fundraise like you would for a candidate.
  • “Co-Host” any and all of the events by requesting your unique ActBlue link, and raise money along with promoting the event(s) on your Mobilize page as described above!


  • SDAN is working to confirm organizations for June through August. If you’d like to Host, please fill out this form. If you have questions, please contact Ore at
  • Note: given interest and capacity, up to two teams might be asked to Host an event. And it’s possible your team may be asked if they’d like to Host a second event!

HQ and Sister District teams are now officially on Action Network! Welcome to our new integrated platform for mass email, volunteer database, and mass texting for volunteer recruitment.

Yesterday, 3/17, your Organizing Department staffer invited leaders to be Administrators on your team’s Action Network account. Those leaders also received an email with full support resources and training opportunities to get you started on Action Network, as well as important information related to MailChimp. You can view the content of that email here.

If you received the invitation email from Action Network, please log in right away. Start getting to know this new system with our four suggested adventures! We have just shy of a month until we get our first wave of VA candidates — please use this time to attend trainings, watch videos, experiment, and start sending emails through Action Network (suggestion: test it out by promoting the State Bridges program and 4/7 first event!).


As a reminder, we are running on the current maps in Virginia this year because redistricting has not occurred due to Census data delays. We are planning for our Wave 1 rollout to occur on/about April 14th. This will include approximately 10 candidates. We may return for a small Wave 2 after the June 8 primary. We will provide more information about our rollout in the weeks ahead!



Please join us March 18th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET! We’re going to talk about our new email + volunteer database + texting platform Action Network. This will be an orientation, not a demo. We’ll walk through our Action Network Guide to help orient us, sign up for trainings run by Action Network, talk about Action Network help desk support, and lay out three first steps to take to start getting to know the new system. We’ll be joined by Sister District’s Head of Technology Cat Robinson!

Register for the Volunteer Leader Calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the third Thursday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates and are recorded. Find past recordings and notes in the Resource Library.


Our next Political Director Call will be on Tuesday, April 13th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET.

Register for the Political Director calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates but are NOT recorded.

  1. BIPOC VOLUNTEER WORKING GROUP – April 1st (Happy April Fool’s Day!)

We have relaunched our monthly BIPOC volunteer meeting as a working group to help Sister District achieve a more inclusive and equitable organization. Our next convening will be on Thursday, April 1 at 4pm PT / 7pm ET — please note the new time.

If you identify as BIPOC, we hope that you’ll join us! Please register here, and feel free to share this with fellow leaders and volunteers.



Want to adopt HQ or other teams’ events? Mobilize allows us to collaborate easily! Please see the “Promoting HQ and Other Team Events” section in our How-To: Mobilize guide for a full description and instructions. We recommend getting started by promoting the State Bridges event series on your Mobilize page as described in the State Bridges section above.