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2021-4-15 HQL Update

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HQ Liaisons,

This has been an awesome, productive couple of weeks here at Sister District! We held our inaugural State Bridges event last Wednesday, which was a tremendous success. We had 135 attendees, and raised $17,000 for New Virginia Majority! WOW. Huge thanks and congratulations to our NYC and CA Peninsula teams who hosted the event, and all our teams who co-hosted and helped drive attendance and donations. We’ve got several more exciting State Bridges events coming up, and we hope to see you all there!!

We also launched our first wave of candidate endorsements in Virginia yesterday. We are so thrilled to have endorsed nine incredible Democrats who will fight to keep Virginia blue. It’s going to be a battle this year to maintain our trifecta, and we are off to a great start with our endorsees. As is always the case, fundraising will be up first, with field coming a bit later on.

Finally, Jarvis and I have been working together on Political Department projects and programs as he onboards, which has been fantastic. You’ll see these HQL Updates in the future come through from Jarvis, and I know you’ll all enjoy working with him this year!

Thanks for everything you’re doing,

Gaby & Jarvis



  1. ICYMI State Bridges-Updates
  2. Virginia Wave 1 Race Rollout YESTERDAY!
  3. Candidate Appearance Requests
  4. Hustle, Not Action Network, for Vol Recruitment Texting
  5. ActBlue Pages – Cleanup
  6. Sister District Directory


  1. Volunteer Leader Call – Today!!
  2.   Phonebank Leaders 2021 Prep Call – Tue. 4/27
  3.   Political Director Call – Tue. 5/12


  1. ICYMI New Tech Office Hours: Mon. 4/5 – Sat. 4/17
  2.   Updated Policy for In-Person Events
  3. Resource Library Corner: Mobilize Two-Fer



Our inaugural State Bridges event with New Virginia Majority’s Co-Executive Director Tram Nguyen last Wednesday was a hit! We had over 135 people present and have already raised over $17,000 for NVM! Tram did an incredible job telling us about herself, NVM, and the work they’re doing to keep the momentum going in Virginia. For those who might be interested, we have a video of the event—feel free to share with your volunteers and friends, to continue to drive visibility and donations to our incredible State Bridges partner, NVM!

We’ve got three more State Bridges events coming up and are currently screening outstanding grassroots organizations for future events. Feel free to attend, promote, and/or become Co-Hosts for any of these upcoming events. The more the merrier!

Current Schedule:

  • April 29 — Texas Organizing Project. SD San Francisco and SD Marin will Host. All Co-Hosts welcome!
  • May 19 — Florida Rising. SD Sonoma County East and SD East Bay will Host. All Co-Hosts welcome!
  • June 1 — Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). SD San Francisco, SD Marin, and SD CA3 will host. All Co-Hosts welcome!

Key links:

State Bridges page:

State Bridges program guide

ActBlue Request Form
Promotional Graphics

Get State Bridges on your team’s Mobilize page

Please see the “Promoting HQ and Other Team Events” section in our How-To: Mobilize guide for steps.

Get Involved:

If you’re not an event Host, there are two ways you can help these organizations:

  • Raise money unrelated to, or in addition to, the Event Series. Request your own unique ActBlue link for any and all organizations, and fundraise like you would for a candidate.
  • “Co-Host” any and all of the events by requesting your unique ActBlue link, and raise money along with promoting the event(s) on your Mobilize page as described above!


  • SDAN is working to confirm organizations for June through August. If you’d like to Host, please fill out this form. If you have questions, please contact Ore.
  • Given interest and capacity, two or three teams might be asked to Host an event. And it’s possible your team may be asked if they’d like to Host a second event!

We are thrilled to have announced our 9 incredible wave 1 Virginia candidates yesterday! Since becoming a blue trifecta after 2019, Virginia has become a bastion of progressive policy in the South. This year, we’re defending the gains we’ve made in Virginia and opening the door to many more by supporting our 9 great candidates. You can donate to the whole slate here.

We plan to start phonebanking for our endorsed candidates around mid-May. As field programs become live for each candidate, we’ll notify each of your teams.

Context: we are running on the current maps in Virginia this year because redistricting has not occurred due to Census data delays.


We are now accepting candidate appearance requests for your candidates using the Candidate Appearance Request Form. All candidate appearance requests should be made through the form, and we strongly suggest making requests at least 3-4 weeks out to give your team enough time to build and properly recruit for events.

Please note: In order to give campaigns sufficient notice, we are only accepting requests for events taking place on or after April 28th.

If you have any questions about this process or any requests, please contact Ore, our field manager at


Slight change of plans: we ended up not loving the Action Network texting platform for our volunteer recruitment projects. As in 2020, we will continue to use Hustle, a system with superior functionality and customer support. Please let your Organizing Department staffer know if you’d like to put together a volunteer recruitment texting project or if you have any questions.


As we launch into our 2021 cycle and in order to focus our fundraising efforts on our candidates and State Bridges organizations, we’re doing a bit of ActBlue cleanup. This means that you may notice that we’ve archived some of our older pages, including some of the pages we created last summer for other organizations. Any recurring donations will continue uninterrupted and will continue to show up in your Fundraising Portal. If you have any questions, please reach out to your Organizing staffer.


Use the updated Sister District Directory to find your candidate or HQ ActBlue links and Text To Donate keyword any time you want, and see which other teams and affiliates have the same candidates as you! We suggest bookmarking the Sister District Directory! It’s also located in the Resource Library in the Leaders’ Corner.



Please join us for our Volunteer Leader Call today, Thursday, April 15th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. Come get to know our new Organizing & Political Director Jarvis Houston, talk about a number of details related to the rollout of our first VA candidates, and join a breakout workshop session on fundraising, volunteer recruitment, or communications!

Register for the Volunteer Leader Calls here and invite new organizers and leaders from your team to join! Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the third Thursday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates and are recorded. Find past recordings and notes in the Resource Library.


Phonebank Leaders of the World Unite (and take over)! Any phonebank leaders and co-leaders should join! Sign up here for a call with Leif, Michael, Neal, and Taylor from the Organizing Department 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET. The call will be recorded and shared for those who can’t make it.

As we prepare to fire up our phonebanking programs for 2021, we’ll put our heads together on: our new and improved Virtual Phonebank Guide and Host Guide, which will be released that very day; two end-of-phonebank dial collection options for your program so we can sync totals from each team; getting your program on Mobilize (see instructions in the Mobilize Guide); recruiting affiliates who have your same candidates.


Our next Political Director Call will be on Tuesday, May 12th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. Jarvis Houston, our Organizing and Political Director, will lead this and future calls.

Register for the Political Director calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates but are NOT recorded.



From April 5 through April 17, the Organizing Department will be holding daily office hours via Zoom to answer questions and work through issues related to Action Network and Mobilize. We’ll be able to share screens to show steps and processes for things such as sending emails and creating Mobilize pages. Sign up here!


We have updated our Covid-19 Guidance for In Person Events.  You can read the updated Guidance  here. Please contact with any questions.


Tracking Attendance

Mobilize has two ways to help you know if someone attended your event and will deliver that data both in your event edit view and also when you export a list following your event. But only if things are set up correctly on your end! See how it all works in the “Attended = TRUE & “Completed” . . . How to Track Attendance!” section of the Mobilize Guide.

Creating Your Phonebank Program Page

Every team running a phonebank program will create one single Mobilize page for that program where each individual phonebank is a different “shift” on that event page. The advantages are big: you’ll have one single page — and importantly, one single URL to promote — for your phonebank program ALL YEAR! See the Getting Your Phonebank Program on Mobilize section of the Mobilize Guide.

If your team is going to adopt a phonebank run by HQ or another team, please see our Mobilize Guide for how to make your own “promoted” instance of the event on your Mobilize page. For more on the joys of adopting a phonebank versus standing one up, see this Sister District Eugene case study..