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2021-4-29 HQL Update

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HQ Liaisons,

Spring is officially here and we are excited to announce we will be launching our field programs in May!

I want to share that we’ve already raised over $18,000 for our candidates in only 2 weeks! Thank you again for your leadership and perseverance.

“We must forever continue our struggle on the high plane of dignity and discipline.”
—Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., I Have A Dream Speech.




  1. ICYMI State Bridges-Updates
  2. Sister District Field Programs Start in May!
  3. New: Sister District Action Network (SDAN) – Quarterly Update Calls
  4. ICYMI Candidate Appearance Requests


  1. Phonebank Leader Call – Tue. 5/4
  2. BIPOC Volunteer Working Group – Thu. 5/6
  3. Political Director Call – Tue. 5/12
  4. Volunteer Leader Call – Thu. 5/20


  2.   New! Updated Virtual Phonebank Guides
  3.   Action Network Updates



Our Texas Organizing Project State Bridges event takes place tonight, 4/29 at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET. It features Executive Director Michelle Tremillo, Deputy Director Brianna Brown, and Electoral Strategy Director Crystal Zermeno. Feel free to attend and promote this event. The more the merrier!

Current Schedule:

  • April 29 — Texas Organizing Project. SD San Francisco and SD Marin will Host.
  • May 19 — Florida Rising. SD Sonoma County East and SD East Bay will Host. All Co-Hosts welcome!
  • June 1 — Living United for Change in Arizona (LUCHA). SD San Francisco, SD Marin, and SD CA3 will host. All Co-Hosts welcome!

Key links:

State Bridges page:

State Bridges program guide

ActBlue Request Form
Promotional Graphics

Get State Bridges on your team’s Mobilize page

Please see the “Promoting HQ and Other Team Events” section in our How-To: Mobilize guide for steps.

Get Involved:

If you’re not an event Host, there are two ways you can help these organizations:

  • Raise money unrelated to, or in addition to, the Event Series. Request your own unique ActBlue link for any and all organizations, and fundraise like you would for a candidate.
  • “Co-Host” any and all of the events by requesting your unique ActBlue link, and raise money along with promoting the event(s) on your Mobilize page as described above!


  • SDAN is working to confirm organizations for June through August. If you’d like to Host, please fill out this form. If you have questions, please contact Ore at
  • Given interest and capacity, two or three teams might be asked to Host an event. And it’s possible your team may be asked if they’d like to Host a second event!

The legislative victories we’ve seen in Virginia didn’t happen overnight! It took years of collective organizing from local and national organizations. As field programs become live for each candidate, we’ll notify each of your teams.

We plan to start phonebanking for our 9 incredible candidates as soon as May 6. To get started:

  • Continue working with your Org Dept staffer to stand up or adopt a weekly phonebank
  • Use the Mobilize Guide to get your/your adopted phonebank on your Mobilize feed. Edit in “private” visibility mode, share a draft with your Org Dept staffer, and start promoting!
  • Read on to find new phonebank guides & sign up for the Phonebank Leader Call May 4

We’re proud that our collective efforts have led to this moment, and we know the GOP has been gearing up to undo all of the progress Democrats have made. We refuse to let Virginia go back in time.

Context: we are running on the current maps in Virginia this year because redistricting has not occurred due to Census data delays.


Based on results of a straw poll of volunteer leaders during our last Political Director monthly call, we’ll be holding quarterly SDAN update calls, starting Wednesday, June 2 at 5pm PT/ 8pm ET. On these calls, Gaby Goldstein and SDAN staff will provide updates on SDAN research projects, legislative support services, and civic engagement programs.  This year, the SDAN Quarterly Updates will be Weds. June 2, Weds. September 1, and Weds. December 1. All calls are at 5 pm PT / 8 pm ET.

Register for the Quarterly SDAN calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls are open to all volunteers but are NOT recorded.


We are now accepting candidate appearance requests for your candidates using the Candidate Appearance Request Form. All candidate appearance requests should be made through the form, and we strongly suggest making requests at least 3-4 weeks out to give your team enough time to build and properly recruit for events.

Please note: For ease of administration, we have removed the “flexible date” option for candidate appearance requests. We encourage you and your teams to select a specific date in advance of making requests going forward. If you would like to offer more than one option, you should enter your preferred date under “date of event” and add any additional dates or notes under “Please provide any additional information about your request.”

If you have any questions about this process or any requests, please contact Ore, our field manager at



If you’re a phonebank leader or co-leader, want to be one, or are just curious about phonebankin’, please join us May 4 5-6pm PT / 8-9pm ET. We’ll look at two spreadsheet options for end-of-phonebank dial collection & record-keeping, go through the new and improved Virtual Phonebank Guide (see below) and make sure we’re all squared away on Creating Your Phonebank Page on Mobilize. Will be recorded and shared. Sign up here.


We have relaunched our monthly BIPOC volunteer meeting as a working group to help Sister District achieve a more inclusive and equitable organization. Our next convening will be on Thursday, May 6th, 4pm PT/7 PM EST!

If you identify as BIPOC, we hope that you’ll join us! Please register here, and feel free to share this with fellow leaders and volunteers.


Our next Political Director Call will be on Tuesday, May 12th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. Jarvis Houston, our Organizing and Political Director, will lead this and future calls.

Register for the Political Director calls here. Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the second Tuesday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates but are NOT recorded.

  1.       VOLUNTEER LEADER CALL – THU. 5/20

It’s an all-workshop call! We’ll do two 20-min workshop sessions. You’ll have the option to join breakout rooms focused on Fundraising, Phonebanking, or Communications for each session. Please join and connect with other leaders to discuss plans, programming, and opportunities for collaboration!

The next Volunteer Leader Call is Thursday, May 20th at 5pm PT / 8pm ET. Register for the Volunteer Leader Calls here and invite new organizers and leaders from your team to join! Add these calls to your Google Calendar or Outlook. These calls will continue to be held on the third Thursday of each month. They are open to all leaders of teams and affiliates and are recorded. Find past recordings and notes in the Resource Library.



Every Friday ask 10 of your friends to follow Sister District:




Tips on Following:

  • Share your personal story! Why is SDP so important to you?
  • What issues are your friends passionate about? How does that connect to state legislatures?
  • How have your efforts improved our country? For example, our alums helped abolish the death penalty in Virginia.
  • Invite them to an exciting event!

Social Squad guidance for Virginia

  • Join the Social Squad for updates about new content and social posts, click here!
  • The Asset Library is filled with goodies! From candidate graphics to phonebanking graphics, it’s all here!
  • How do you talk about your candidates? Sample posts here! Feel free to retweet HQ or use any of the sample messages in the document.
  • Do you want HQ to promote your fundraising event for VA? Fill out the form: Request for Event Promotion on Social Media.
  • For a deeper dive, also check out our 2021 Messaging Memo.

Phonebankers and phonebank leaders, check out our new guides!

These guides are located in the Resource Library. If you have questions or feedback on any of these materials, please let your Organizing Department staffer know!


The Action Network Guide is continually updated. We encourage you to investigate the following three additions:

  • Newsletter Layout Added & 5min Video

We’ve added a Team Newsletter Layout to your Action Network account. The template is formatted to follow best practices around the number of focus areas, length, hyperlinks, and buttons you might want in a newsletter. See Using An Email Layout in the Action Network Guide, and watch Taylor’s 5min video on how to open and customize that layout!

  • Using “Clips” to Address Recipients & Include team Sign-Off — more here
  • Important Note on Scheduling Email Send Day/Times — more here