Become a Sister District Affiliate

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What is Sister District?

The Sister District Project is a national grassroots organization that works to gain and maintain Democratic majorities in state legislatures. We do this by organizing our 60,000+ members into local volunteer teams, which are “sistered” with 2-3 state legislative candidates per cycle. Our volunteers provide grassroots support to help elect those candidates.

What is a Sister District Affiliate?

A Sister District Affiliate is an independent group or chapter of another progressive organization (i.e. local Indivisible or Swing Left chapters, local parent groups, book clubs, etc) that supports Sister District candidates and efforts as a complement to its other progressive activities.

How does being an Affiliate work?

  1. Your group / chapter designates 1-2 of its leaders to be “HQ Liaisons” to interface with Sister District staff and coordinate actions
  2. Sister District assigns candidates to your chapter to support over the entire election cycle. The amount of that support is up to you. We hope you’ll devote whatever time and energy you can to helping those candidates!
  3. Liaisons receive a twice-monthly email newsletter and staff will proactively reach out with opportunities to help your candidates
  4. Your chapter can easily plan and execute actions such as phonebanks or fundraisers using Sister District infrastructure and staff support

Sister District’s full array of field and fundraising activities are available to Affiliates, and most activities can be conducted remotely via virtual events. All of our action items are developed in coordination with the campaigns so you know that it’s exactly what the campaigns need.

Why be an Affiliate with Sister District?

With your existing group infrastructure of passionate and enthusiastic volunteers, your chapter can make an outsized impact in the off-cycle, building on the wins from 2020. In 2021 Sister District will not only be focused on the Virginia Legislature but also supporting electoral and BIPOC organizations that are working on the ground, building power in potential 2022 battleground states.

If your group is looking to advance power in strategic states, as a Sister District affiliate you will have full access to our staff and program. You can plug in and use this infrastructure as you see fit to your organization and you can easily plug into our full array of field and fundraising efforts and opportunities. You are able to join our Political Director and Organizing Department calls, trainings, collaboration opportunities with our teams around the country, join our SDAN studies — all community focused.

Your Next Step: Fill out the Affiliate Interest Form. There’s an option to indicate if you’d like to discuss further with Sister District staff