Social Media Leader Quick Tips

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From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media is a great way to interact with current team volunteers, broadcast important updates and upcoming events, and even meet new volunteers to bring to the team! If you’re new to social media, Sister District Director of Communications Lyzz Schwegler suggests starting by getting comfortable with one platform and then branching out.

The Social Media Lead is one person (for most teams) who does the following:

Updates Team Facebook page

Facebook can be a great tool for facilitating conversations, additional event reminders and quick updates from HQ

Post ideas include:

  • Important, broad messages from HQL updates
  • Reminders about phone banks, meetings and fundraisers (note: Facebook responses ≠ RSVPs!) 
  • Share endorsed candidate posts — keep the team updated on what is happening on the ground
  • Anything you can think of! Get creative! Photo contests, polls and meme contests are always great ways to boost interactions!

Please add Communications Director Lyzz as an administrator on your page to enable easy cross-posting. If you don’t know Lyzz’s email address, contact [email protected]

Create and manage Twitter and Instagram accounts

Instagram is great for sharing infographics and photos from team gatherings (i.e. phone banks, fundraisers and canvassing trips). Similar to Facebook, Twitter can be used for quick updates & sharing endorsed candidate information!

Twitter suggestions from Sister District Sacramento Social Media Lead: 

Twitter is intuitive and you learn best on there by doing. Get engaged, comment on tweets, like and retweet others, all while staying on message, and you’ll be a helpful asset for your local chapter and the group as a whole.  My tips are:

  • Start with following Sister District Project on Twitter because you can like and retweet what SDP already puts out there. And you can see who SDP follows for ideas of who to follow
  • You can subscribe to this list, which is a way of seeing what all the SDP chapters and founders are tweeting. Click Subscribe, then to view those tweets in the future: from your phone’s twitter app you can swipe right to open options, and click on “lists” to view. You could also click on ‘members’ and follow each account individually. 
  • Use hashtags in two ways: first way – search by hashtags like “#BlueWave” for example, to find like-minded accounts to like/comment/engage with, but more importantly is the second way – use hashtags in your own tweets to help garner attention to them (once again, SDP’s twitter account is a great model for which hashtags to use).  

Bonus tip: use the hashtags that are trending that day (you can see those along the right side on a computer or in the search tab on the bottom on your phone’s app [w/ the magnifying glass icon]) –finding clever ways to incorporate those trending topics/hashtags in your SDP-related tweets will get ya even more visibility.  

Capture photos & videos from meetings & gatherings – – whether in-person or virtual

One of the best ways to recruit new volunteers is to show folks all the fun we’re having here at Sister District while leaving our political impact! This content can be shared on social media platforms and included in emails.

Monitor accounts & platforms for rude, crude & suspicious activity

More specific guidance on this to come later! However, if you see or experience any trolling comments or “bot”-esque response, please delete or take their comments down & report it to your Organizing Manager or Lyzz, Head of Communications!


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