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About the Team Metrics Dashboard Program

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We have heard from many teams and affiliates that it can be challenging to track your own metrics, and that it would be helpful to better understand how your team/affiliate’s work contributes to the bigger picture.

In response, we have developed the SD Metrics Dashboard Program. We aim to create a system that makes it easier for you to set your own goals, track your progress, and to better visualize your team or affiliate’s contribution to the whole. The primary purpose is to make your lives as organizers easier. And we believe that with better systems in place, we will be able to deliver greater support to our candidates.

HQ recently completed a pilot of this program in 2019 with a small number of teams and affiliates, and is excited to be rolling it out to all more broadly in 2020. This is a new program, and your feedback is always welcome.

Who can participate?

All interested teams and affiliates are welcome to participate. Participation is completely optional. Because of the resources required to set up each team dashboard, we ask that participating teams commit to reporting metrics at least once per month.

How does it work?

Sister District held an info session in August 2019. Here is a recording of the 12-minute info session.

Every participating team will have an individualized dashboard into which it can enter its field and fundraising metrics weekly on Mondays. To request a team/affiliate dashboard, fill out this form. After your dashboard is created, you can find and access your dashboard in the SD Metrics Dashboards folder. Edit access for each dashboard will be shared only with that team’s HQ Liaisons, but anyone with the link can view. Feel free to invite others to edit the dashboard as appropriate for your team.

Metrics from these team/affiliate dashboards feed automatically into the SD Cumulative Metrics Dashboard, which shows totals from participating teams across the Sister District community. This cumulative dashboard is viewable by anyone who has the link. You can view how this system has been working as a pilot by visiting the above links.

This process would replace last year’s email exchanges with National Field Directors regarding your team’s metrics. If you do not participate, you will still have an opportunity to share your metrics with us as part of the end-cycle survey.

What are my next steps?

  1. Request a team/affiliate dashboard. Request a dashboard to participate in the program here. We will begin setting up dashboards for 2020 in February.
  2. Check out your team/affiliate’s dashboard. Once you receive your dashboard, take a look around to familiarize yourself with its features.
    • Test metrics. HQ has pre-populated each dashboard with dummy metrics for the first reporting date, Monday, June 3. Read the instructions, and feel free to poke around by entering some test numbers anywhere in your dashboard, and see how they reflect in the cumulative dashboard.
    • Baselines and goals. In order for this system to be meaningful, each team or affiliate needs to set goals. HQ has pre-populated each dashboard with dummy goals. Please adjust based on your current information. If you need help setting goals, please reach out to organizing staff.
    • Field calculator. The second tab of the spreadsheet is intended to help you calculate the number of events you need to meet your team’s goals. Feel free to experiment with it.
    • Scope. For this initial launch, we are only pulling fundraising and phonebanking metrics into the cumulative dashboard, but you should still enter information about other tactics into your team dashboard. We will be updating the cumulative dashboard in the coming weeks so that this information will be pulled into the cumulative dashboard later.
  3. Watch the Q&A Session that took place on Wednesday, August 14.
  4. Enter your metrics on the first Monday after you receive your team dashboard. Please see the instructions in your team dashboard, and please reach out with any questions. Note that the dashboard begins on June 3; you are free to start entering metrics on this earlier date if you wish, or feel free to begin on the first Monday after you receive your dashboard. Please clear out any dummy metrics from the June 3 date. If it is helpful, please feel free to hide older columns, but PLEASE DO NOT DELETE THEM.

Closing Thoughts

This is a relatively new program, which means that things are still a little rough around the edges, and there are likely to be some mistakes. Please let us know what feedback you have, both large and small, so we can continue to improve. The goal is to help you be more effective organizers and, as a result, to drive more support to our candidates. Thank you for your participation!