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Host A Virtual Friendraiser!

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It’s simple – – get your friends on a call, raise a little money using your team’s unique ActBlue link to help elect our great candidates in priority state legislative races.

In May 2020, a volunteer in Portland OR hosted a virtual friendraiser, connected with friends, raised over $1,000, and “didn’t have to clean my house!” See Case Study: Hosting a Zoom Friendraiser

The money we raise helps our candidates build winning campaigns. A dollar goes a long way in state legislative races, and this is especially true in the competitive races our candidates are fighting so hard to win: in terms of relative ROI in 2020, donating to these particular political campaigns can’t be beat.

For context, Sister District Portland Eastside went big on Friendraising in 2019.

  • Raised 85% of their $12,200 2019 fundraising total with 11 Friendraisers.
  • Used larger meetings and events to recruit Friendraiser hosts. They recruited 8 hosts from the 19 attendees at their 2020 planning meeting.
  • In 2019, one of the team’s new leaders invited friends over for ice cream, and 26 people raised $2,800 for candidates. See Case Study: Ice Cream Social Friendraiser Scoops Big Dollars


Before the Event

Step 1: Get your team’s unique ActBlue link from a team leader or staff

Step 2: Settle on: date, time, venue, concept. Think fun, light-lift, something you might do anyway. Cocktails help. See this example of a friendraiser in Portland OR — so easy.

Step 3: Set up a meeting on Zoom, Google Hangouts, whatever works

Step 4: Learn about your candidates and the stakes of their races

Step 5: Invite people! Here’s a sample email invitation:

Hey friends!

Please join me for a virtual cocktail party DAY DATE TIME! We’re going to do three things at once – hang out, have a beverage, and also do some good. 

You might know I’m very passionate about electing the Sister District candidates we’re supporting this year: Cindy Polo (FL), Aleta Borrud (MN), and Bonnie Westlin (MN). We need Polo to win reelection as we continue to make inroads into the FL legislature, and if we flip two seats blue in the MN State Senate, Minnesota will become a blue trifecta! 

You’ll have a chance to donate to the candidates if you’d like to help them build winning GOTV programs and increase voter turnout, but please come to learn about how you can help other ways too. 

Please register for the call here: <LINK>

Get a jump on donating to the candidates here:

See you then! 

Step 6: Send a reminder the email day before and reminder text day-of (this really helps increase attendance)

At the Event

Step 7: Introduce the candidates and stakes for their races — you don’t have to be an expert! Just read from the Sister District website.

Step 8: Make The Ask at the event & share the ActBlue link in the chat

Example “Ask”:

“We’re raising money here today to help our campaigns build winning Get Out The Vote programs for the final crucial weeks of the race. We need Cindy Polo to keep this seat in Florida, and if we flip two seats in the State Senate, Minnesota becomes a Blue Trifecta, and it’s pedal to the metal for passing progressive legislation. Big deal.

Our dollars will help the campaigns turn out supporters. It takes a lot of work and a lot of money to do this effectively. Please donate what you can – – 100% of what you donate will be split equally between our three candidates Cindy Polo (FL), Aleta Borrud (MN), and Bonnie Westlin (MN). 

This is the time to invest! Thank you so much for your generosity.”

Step 9: Ask attendees before they leave to sign up at and for any events the team has coming up. If your team has a recurring phonebank series, get that link from staff or a team leader and share it in the chat!

After the Event

Step 10: Send a thank you email with the ActBlue link and links to sign up for future events. Here’s an example:

Hey friends,

That was really fun, thank you for being there and for contributing to help our great candidates. 

Please sign up to volunteer with Sister District! 

Please share the ActBlue link:

And join us for phonebanking! It’s our #1 tactic — we find undecided voters, introduce the candidates, help tidy the campaigns’ data. It really works, it’s a great crew, and we have fun. Join our Thursday Phonebanks! Every other Thursday at 3pm. Register HERE

Thanks again!



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