How SDP Works

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The Sister District Project activates the power, passion, and creativity of volunteers to win elections and turn states blue. We harness the abundance of volunteer and donor resources that exist all over the country, but especially in deeply blue areas, and we direct it to strategic, winnable state legislative races across the country.

We organize our volunteers into local teams, wherever they live, and then “sister” these teams with 2-3 state legislative candidates per year for support. The teams, led by District Captains, provide field and fundraising support to their candidates, using the voter lists and scripts that HQ obtains from the campaigns. Our teams provide this support primarily by organizing local events, such as fundraisers, phonebank parties, postcard parties, and more. And Sister District’s organizing staff is available to support every step of the way.

Our teams work hand-in-hand with our affiliates. Affiliates are independent groups—such as a local Indivisible, Swing Left, Together We Will, or Solidarity Sundays groups—that take on some Sister District action items as part of a broader portfolio of progressive activism. We’re always recruiting for new affiliates! Read more about how to Become a Sister District Affiliate.