October 2020 Talking Points

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Trump’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

The Trumps have tested positive for coronavirus, throwing even more upheaval into the 2020 election. In terms of public messaging, this can feel like an uncertain arena for progressives. We recommend following three simple guidelines:

  • Do not celebrate the President or First Lady’s sickness; this only invalidates other peoples’ suffering from the virus. Our reactions must be a reflection of our core values, not his.
  • DO uphold evidence-based science and remind everyone to wear masks, wash hands, and practice distancing. We suggest sharing our slate of candidates working in STEM, or a photo of yourself wearing a mask while volunteering.
  • Do not promote left-wing conspiracy theories. These include speculation that Trump is lying about the diagnosis, or that he is trying to “get out” of future debates. Trump’s goal is to sow distrust in the system, and to increase chaos – don’t enable him.

GOTV Messaging

We are officially in the home stretch! Less than a month until Election Day, and it’s time to go all out. We have blog posts, videos, graphics, and more for you to share, along with some important reminders about how to talk about Trump post-debate (hint: don’t!).

Post-Debate Messaging

By now, even if you didn’t watch the first presidential debate, you’ve heard all about it. Trump did what Trump does: he bullied, shouted, insulted, and refused to abide by the debate rules that he had already agreed to. As progressive activists fighting for the heart and soul of our country, it is imperative that we do not play Trump’s game.

Read our new recommendations on how to talk about the presidential debates.

How to Convince Voters, Effectively

GOTV During COVID-19

Election Night Messaging

Right now, the most important thing to consistently remind your volunteers is that we may not know the results on election night, and that is totally normal and OK. Especially at the state legislature level, races often take days or even weeks to be called. This is normal. At the presidential level, this is an unprecedented year for many reasons, and we may not know the results on election night. Again, this is to be expected and does not inherently mean there is something wrong with the election. Remember: Trump can only steal this election if we let him.

We’ll give more guidance and suggestions for what to do on election night soon – stay tuned!

Current candidates and Sister District news:

Featured Candidate: Jasmine Clark

Jasmine Clark is our current featured candidate! Jasmine is a fragile incumbent in Georgia who is a microbiologist, professor, and community organizer. She was inspired to run after Trump’s election, when she realized that the voices of real scientists were absolutely critical in elected office.  Read her inspiring interview here: https://sisterdistrict.com/clark-interview/

Suggested Posts: 

.@JasmineForHD108 has a Ph.D. in microbiology and molecular genetics, serves as a university lecturer and is a community organizer, and this year, she’s running for reelection. Learn more about Jasmine and chip in $5 at: www.sisterdistrict.com/clark-interview #BlueWave #ItStartsWithStates

“Being a member of the science community, I felt like we could not sit idly by and be silent while science was under attack.” -@JasmineForHD108 has devoted her life to advocating for her community through science. As a state representative, she has continued this fight and she needs our help to stay in her seat. Learn more about her reelection at www.sisterdistrict.com/clark-interview

Coming Soon in Featured Candidates:

  • Sara Rodriguez (WI)
  • Amanda White Eagle (WI)

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