Export A List of Volunteers as a CSV Spreadsheet – MailChimp

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Export A List of Volunteers As a CSV Spreadsheet – MailChimp

1. Log in to MailChimp
(if you need help, check this Guide. If you still need help, email [email protected])

2. Click on Lists > Volunteers (or the list name you want to export)

3. Click on “New Segment,” near the middle of the bar above volunteer data

4. We want to download a list of only those who are active subscribers. The conditions for creating a segment of active subscribers are: Email Marketing Status > Is > Subscribed. So, using the right-most drop-down menu, unselect boxes to ensure that Subscribed is the only box selected

5. Click Preview Segment, the grey box in the lower left

6. Now you can view a list of those whose zip codes fall in your team boundary and are subscribed to receive communications.

7. Click Export Segment, the grey box in the upper right just above the black bar

8. Click Export As A CSV, the grey box on the right

Now, What To Do With Your CSV File?

We suggest importing the CSV into Google Docs and adding to your team’s Google Spreadsheet and working from that file. You can safely share this information with select District Captains.

But protect this information! Make sure that you only share access with fellow District Captains. We legally cannot share any of this data outside Sister District and/or contact these folks for reasons other than that which is related to Sister District Project actions, activities, and team-building.

9. Open Google Docs

10. Click on + New in the upper left

11. Choose File Upload

12. Select the CSV file you’d like to upload

13. On first view, click Open With Google Sheets in the top middle

14. Delete columns that you don’t need – – the columns you want are
Date Added First Name Last Name Email Address Phone City Zip Code

15. Use columns to the right of the Zip Code column to keep track of correspondence

Updated: 01/23/20