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Case Study: Sister District San Diego

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Sometimes a metro area is too big for just one team unit. A variety of teams are using the concept of hubs (subteams) in different ways, and to great effect.

In the meantime, check out this All Purpose “Cut Down the Commute” exercise template you can use to seed subteams.

Cut Down the Commute

This is meant to be short, simple, and effective. It is time to expand SDP of Sprawlston.

1. Honored Guest (and perhaps to a lesser extent, I) introduces our little barnstorming item. Working title: “Cut Down the Commute”

2. Honored Guest asks, “Who came from north of here – Dormant Heights, Zucchini Gulch, Rust Valley? Stand up, please. Okay, gather over by this sign that says ‘North,’ if you would.”

3. Honored Guest then asks, “and who came from east of here – Lazyville, Doughnut Hollow, Halloween Junction? Stand up, please. And gather over by that ‘East’ sign.”

4. (Do you sense a pattern here?) Honored Guest says, “Okay, southern region people – Smelter Flats, Fungus Creek, Emerald Swamp. Over by the ‘South’ sign. Great!”

5. Honored Guest then says, “Who is left? West side folks – Ticktown, Pneumonia Park, Vegan Hill. Stand up. Here is your ‘West’ sign.”

6. Honored Guest: “In the next five minutes, we want you to do three things…

A) Form an instant Sister District Project chapter for your part of Sprawlston. Maybe give it a cute name. If you can name a couple of volunteer leaders, so much the better.

B) Pick a date THIS MONTH when you are going to get together. It’s best if it is a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and it should stay fixed (i.e. “the second Wednesday of each month”). We already have a gathering place in mind for you. And try to have unique meeting dates – no two chapters meeting on the same date.

C) Decide on at least one event in which you are going to engage. Your choices are – hold a phone banking session, have a fundraiser for our candidate, or, for the truly ambitious among you, put together a canvassing group that would GO out doorknocking next October.” (NB: I purposely avoided postcarding for this first go-’round. We need to step up).

Go! You have five minutes.

7. Honored Guest: “Okay, time is up. Let’s report in. What do you have for us?”

Rules for this exercise:

Don’t run this yourself. Bring in an “honored guest.”
Get the participants to commit to meeting IN ONE MONTH.
Avoid post cards. Go for the big stuff.
“Copy and Paste” this. We are always growing, subdividing.

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