About SDAN

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What is Sister District Action Network (SDAN)?

SDAN is Sister District’s affiliated 501(c)4, that focuses on civic engagement projects like voter registration and education, and experimental research on topics like the efficacy of postcards and social cohesion among grassroots volunteers.

Fast Facts:

Civic engagement

  • Quarterly book club – read political nonfiction and hold discussions with authors
  • Disseminate research findings, policy/political commentary

Policy transfer

  • Working with partners to export progressive policy around the country

Field research focusing on 3 areas

  • Voter participation & education
  • Voter registration
  • Volunteer engagement

How Can You Participate with SDAN?

There are multiple ways to get involved with research at SDAN!

  • Join our joint Book Club with All On The Line!
  • Do an experiment with us!
    • Participate in a larger effort
    • Participate in research about volunteer engagement with your team
  • Join the research/data team
  • Pitch an experiment
    • We are always interested in hearing ideas from our amazing volunteers

Email Mallory at mallory@sisterdistrict.com with to sign up to participate or just to say hi and share ideas!

Download the Powerpoint: SDAN Information for Volunteers with more information!