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What Is Sister District Action Network (SDAN)?

Sister District Action Network is a 501(c)(4) organization that runs programs in the areas of political research, civic engagement, and state legislator support. 

Fast Facts:

Civic Engagement Programs:

  • Narrative Change Program: increases understanding among the progressive community about the power and promise of states.
  • State Bridges Program: activates Sister District volunteers across the country to fundraise for grassroots organizations leading year-round power-building work in Sister District’s priority states.

Legislator Support:

  • Purple District Network: resource-sharing network to equip progressive frontliners with the skills and networks they need to succeed in advancing progressive policy.
  • State Power Table: coalition of national organizations engaged in progressive state legislator support to increase visibility about progressive state legislatures and drive collective narrative.

Research focusing on 3 areas:

  • Voter registration and engagement
  • Secondary research on elections and state legislatures
  • Volunteer engagement and resources

How Can You Participate with SDAN?

There are multiple ways to get involved with SDAN!

  • Participate in our State Bridges Program! Teams and affiliates can support our State Bridges partners by fundraising and promoting events. 
    • Please reach out to your Organizing Department staffer to get involved.
  • Participate in research about volunteer engagement with your team
  • Pitch a new experiment or study
    • We are always interested in hearing ideas from our amazing volunteers

Email Jillian at [email protected] to ask questions, learn more about our past research, or share ideas!

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