Postcard Postmark Study

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LAST UPDATED: 11/20/19

Hello friends!

Sister District Action Network (SDAN) is planning on continuing our exploration of postcarding by sending GOTV postcards in the important states of Texas and North Carolina. This study will build on our prior studies by sending postcards to already registered voters to educate them about the upcoming March 2020 Primary elections while ultimately testing if the location the postcard is sent from matters. We will be sending 1 wave of GOTV postcards to a group of voters with high Democrat support scores, but middle-low turnout propensity scores, in Texas and North Carolina. Half of the postcards will be sent from the team’s out of state location, and half of the postcards will be sent from within the state.

This document provides important information about our Postcard Postmark study. Please note that for this project, all volunteers are responsible for purchasing their own postcards and stamps, and half of volunteer teams will also be responsible for bulk shipping their postcards to an in-state partner.