Progressive Coalition with Sister District Puget Sound

Overview Sister District Puget Sound raised $30,128.28 for candidates in 2019, an increase of 146% from their 2018 fundraising total. How did they do it? A big part of the answer is that the leaders focused on building a coalition of progressive groups as a force multiplier for fundraising and voter contact support for their […]

DC Guide: Recruiting Affiliates

Big Idea Affiliates are existing local groups (e.g., Indivisible, Swing Left, your book club) that have their own goals and priorities, but want to do some state legislative work with Sister District. Bringing Affiliates into your network is a great way to build power to maximally help our candidates! Basic Process You (a District Captain) […]

Affiliate FAQs

Who are these FAQs written for? Whether you’re new to Sister District or a veteran District Captain, this document provides a basic primer on the Affiliate Program, and how you can participate. What is Sister District? The Sister District Project is a national grassroots organization that works to gain and maintain Democratic majorities in state […]