CA-3 Matching Donation Blitz

Raising for: Candidates Date: July 26th, 2021 Time: 1 hr/committee member Total raised: $4,278 — $2,000 match opportunity generated $2,278 in small-dollar donations Our formidable Sister District CA-3 leaders Kelly Wilkerson, Meghan Miller, Amy Seropian and Kari Peterson created an incredible matching donation fundraiser for VA House of Delegate Nancy Guy. For their “Match Monday” […]

June 2020 Talking Points

This is a particularly important time to make sure we are communicating about current events, and the history that has brought us here, in a way that actively contributes to dismantling white supremacy.  The following guidance is intended to help Sister District volunteer leaders navigate email, social media, and other communications in a way that […]

Email Best Practices

These recommendations are for teams and affiliates that are familiar with our email blast platform, already have an Editor (or similar) role defined on their team, are comfortable sending emails and ready to kick up their email practices to the next level. In this article we cover best practices for general email blasts, NOT individual […]

Newsletter Example Library

Newsletter Example Library Regular, compelling newsletters help keep volunteers engaged and make it more likely that, if asked, they’ll attend or host an event, spread the word, or donate to your candidates. Each team’s Editor is responsible for newsletter and email communications. For inspiration, and to help inform your own newsletter game, have a look […]

Getting Started with Mailchimp

UPDATED 5/4/2019 What is MailChimp? MailChimp is a mass email platform that allows users to send mass emails, and receive data back about how effective their email blasts are. MailChimp provides the tools and functionality so that emails created on their platform are more likely to reach the intended recipients’ inbox and they provide insights […]