CA-3 Matching Donation Blitz

Raising for: Candidates Date: July 26th, 2021 Time: 1 hr/committee member Total raised: $4,278 — $2,000 match opportunity generated $2,278 in small-dollar donations Our formidable Sister District CA-3 leaders Kelly Wilkerson, Meghan Miller, Amy Seropian and Kari Peterson created an incredible matching donation fundraiser for VA House of Delegate Nancy Guy. For their “Match Monday” […]

Yoga Fundraiser with Sister District Portland Eastside

By Merry Ann Moore, HQL Sister District Portland Eastside Overview After hearing popular yoga instructor Audra Carmine opine during classes on her concerns with what our politics are doing to our society, I approached her about the work I’m doing with Sister District Project Portland Eastside. She mentioned that her studio was interested in supporting […]