CA-3 Matching Donation Blitz

Raising for: Candidates Date: July 26th, 2021 Time: 1 hr/committee member Total raised: $4,278 — $2,000 match opportunity generated $2,278 in small-dollar donations Our formidable Sister District CA-3 leaders Kelly Wilkerson, Meghan Miller, Amy Seropian and Kari Peterson created an incredible matching donation fundraiser for VA House of Delegate Nancy Guy. For their “Match Monday” […]

July 2020 Talking Points

Current candidates and Sister District news: $500k in Candidate Donations! Thanks to all of YOUR hard work, the Sister District community has now raised over half a million dollars for our candidates this year. We encourage you to share the good news along with a link to donate to your candidates! Suggested post: The Sister […]

Social Media Leader Quick Tips

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media is a great way to interact with current team volunteers, broadcast important updates and upcoming events, and even meet new volunteers to bring to the team! If you’re new to social media, Sister District Director of Communications Lyzz Schwegler suggests starting by getting comfortable with one platform […]

May 2020 Talking Points

Messaging and suggested social media posts about Sister District candidates, alumni, and volunteers; and other important state legislature news.