How to Guide: Teams Page

Updating Your Team’s Page Summary Every Sister District team has a web page on our website. The pages can be accessed here: Anyone listed as a District Captain in our database has access to update their team’s page. To request edit access, please use this form. We currently do not have individual pages for […]

How to Guide: Welcome Wagon

It’s important for a member from your team to reach out to new sign-ups right as they come in. Let’s activate these new volunteers while they’re hot! Please see below for example emails for each stage of our year-round organizing: Off-Cycle (Nov-Jan), Early Cycle (Jan-Mar), In-Cycle (Mar-Nov). How People Arrive on Your Action Network List […]

Affiliate FAQs

Who are these FAQs written for? Whether you’re new to Sister District or a veteran District Captain, this document provides a basic primer on the Affiliate Program, and how you can participate. What is Sister District? The Sister District Project is a national grassroots organization that works to gain and maintain Democratic majorities in state […]

Export A List of Volunteers As a CSV Spreadsheet – Knack

Export A List of Volunteers As a CSV Spreadsheet – Knack Log in to Use the forgot password link to set up your password. Click the button Access Volunteer Records and Candidate Fundraising Click the button Add Filters Use pull-down menus and field to filter for Where > idTeam > is > ______ and […]