Social Media Leader Quick Tips

From Facebook to Twitter and Instagram, social media is a great way to interact with current team volunteers, broadcast important updates and upcoming events, and even meet new volunteers to bring to the team! If you’re new to social media, Sister District Director of Communications Lyzz Schwegler suggests starting by getting comfortable with one platform […]

Tips for Leadership Development

Leadership development is a collaborative process between yourself and the person you’re developing. As much as possible, be in open, kind conversation about the investment that you’re both putting into their learning. This is the magical and radical work of organizing – at the end of it we get people who are far more effective […]

Getting to a Person’s Why

The most powerful motivation tool organizers have is activating a volunteer’s personal motivations. Humans are passionate people; we want to help when we can. As organizers, it is part of our role to guide people from that passion to action, helping people channel their energy into volunteer work to have an impact. Some will know […]

2020 Roadmap

The 2020 Roadmap provides a roadmap of what to expect for the 2020 cycle. It is intended as a tool to help District Captains and Affiliate leaders plan for the year. Please note that the following timeframes are provided as a guide only—every campaign is different. This is meant to be a living document, and […]

How to Guide: Welcome Wagon

It’s important for a member from your team to reach out to new sign-ups right as they come in. Let’s activate these new volunteers while they’re hot! Please see below for example emails for each stage of our year-round organizing: Off-Cycle (Nov-Jan), Early Cycle (Jan-Mar), In-Cycle (Mar-Nov). How People Arrive on Your Action Network List […]

Export A List of Volunteers As a CSV Spreadsheet – Knack

Export A List of Volunteers As a CSV Spreadsheet – Knack Log in to Use the forgot password link to set up your password. Click the button Access Volunteer Records and Candidate Fundraising Click the button Add Filters Use pull-down menus and field to filter for Where > idTeam > is > ______ and […]

Export A List of Volunteers as a CSV Spreadsheet – MailChimp

Export A List of Volunteers As a CSV Spreadsheet – MailChimp 1. Log in to MailChimp (if you need help, check this Guide. If you still need help, email 2. Click on Lists > Volunteers (or the list name you want to export) 3. Click on “New Segment,” near the middle of the bar […]

Compiled Volunteer and Voter Engagement Results

Since 2018, researchers at Sister District Action Network (SDAN) have conducted numerous studies that yielded insightful results, thanks to many of you! We have designed, administered, analyzed, and reported the results of experimental and observational research projects about voter participation, voter registration, and volunteer engagement. Read on to learn more about our work! VOLUNTEER ENGAGEMENT […]