September 2020 Talking Points

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Current candidates and Sister District news

Coming Soon: Crossing the $1M Mark!

In the next week we expect to cross the one million mark for candidate fundraising. Please be on the lookout for this incredibly momentous Sister District milestone!

Featured Candidate: Sydney Batch

Sydney Batch is our current featured candidate! Sydney is a fragile incumbent in North Carolina who is a lawyer, social worker, and child welfare advocate. She has overcome many challenges – including undergoing radiation for breast cancer during her first campaign.  Read her inspiring interview here:

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When we think of the strongest women in our lives, we often think of our moms, grandmas, and aunts. Today, we would like you to add Sydney Batch to your list.

Sydney Batch had just been elected to office when she was going through radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Not only is she a breast cancer survivor, but she is also an advocate for paid family leave, Medicaid expansion, and mental health reform.

Sydney needs your help to keep her seat! Chip in $5 to ensure she is reelected:

.@friendsforbatch is an attorney, social worker, and small business owner fighting to ensure North Carolina has paid family leave, quality healthcare, and mental health reform. Read about her passion for giving back and her hope for the future:

Coming Soon in Featured Candidates

  • Brittney Rodas (PA)
  • Jasmine Clark (GA)

Sister District in the News

Candidates in the News

Alumni news:

Pennsylvania and Michigan Alumnae in Critical Races

Sister District supported Padma Kuppa (MI HD-41) and Pam Iovino (PA SD-37) in 2018 and 2019 respectively, and we learned recently that they are in critically tight races. We must protect their seats in order to successfully flip Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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Sister District alumna Padma Kuppa has fought for increases to paid sick leave during the coronavirus pandemic, and for repealing anti-LGBTQ legislation in the Michigan House. Help her keep this critical seat by donating to her re-election campaign today!

In the PA Senate, Sister District alumna Pam Iovino introduced a $100 million coronavirus grant program and financial relief package for small business owners in the state. Help her keep this critical seat by donating to her re-election campaign today!

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