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Who Do I Ask About…?

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Use this cheat sheet to figure out who to ask about what on Sister District’s staff. Reach out via Slack, or email us at

If you have questions about…

… capacity-building or recruiting for your team/affiliate, ask your Organizing Dept Staffer. If you don’t know who this is, check out the Sister District Directory. Examples of Organizing Dept support:

  • Crafting a plan for recruiting new members
  • Building a kick-off fundraiser
  • Planning a series of regular phonebank parties
  • Giving advice on leadership transitions
  • Coaching on how to make an effective fundraising pitch
  • Providing Zoom training and support

… field programs or candidate appearance requests, ask our Field Manager, Ore Obiwumi. Examples of FM support:

  • Troubleshooting problems with accessing phonebank links
  • Answering questions about the timing or content of postcards
  • Correspondence regarding candidate appearance requests

… State Bridges events and organizations, ask our Program Associate, Ore Obiwumi.

… ActBlue links, text-to-donate, Slack invites, ask our Operations Manager, Debbie Winstead.

… compliance or Volunteer Reimbursement Program, email disclaimers, ask our Operations Manager, Debbie Winstead.

… SDAN Research including evidence about voter and volunteer engagement tactics, ask our Associate Director of Research, Mallory Roman.

… graphics & other media not found in the Asset Library, guest blog posts, ask Creative Lead, Sarah Mercy.

… Social Squad, social media content, ask Social Media and Content Manager, Ariana Rodriguez.

… Fundraising Portal (Knack) or digital security, ask our Head of Tech, Cat Robinson.

… anything else or you’re not sure, ask your Organizing Dept Staffer or email us at

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