Who Do I Ask About…?

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Use this cheat sheet to figure out who to ask about what on Sister District’s staff. Reach out via Slack or email.

If you have questions about…

… capacity-building or recruiting for your team/affiliate, ask your Organizing Dept Staffer. If you don’t know who this is, check out the Sister District Directory. Examples of what the Organizing Dept can help you with:

  • Crafting a plan for recruiting new members
  • Building a fundraising event or project
  • Requesting an appearance from a Sister District Leader at an event
  • Running or adopting a weekly phonebank
  • Giving advice on leadership transitions
  • Coaching on how to make an effective fundraising pitch
  • Graphics and media not found in the Asset Library
  • Providing support with all organizing tools and materials, including Resource Library, Mobilize, Action Network, Hustle texting (to recruit attendees for events), and Zoom

… field programs or candidate appearance requests, ask our Senior Field Manager, Taylor Hogeland. Examples of FM support:

  • Troubleshooting problems with accessing phonebank links
  • Answering questions about the timing or content of postcards
  • Correspondence regarding candidate appearance requests

… State Bridges events and organizations, ask our Program Manager, Bela Tringali.

ActBlue links, Metrics Dashboard, text-to-donate, Slack invites, Facebook Leader Page Invites, or SD Fundraising Dashboard, ask our Senior Operations Manager, Mara Helmke.

… compliance (2023 Compliance Guide will be updated in March 2023) or Volunteer Reimbursement Program, email disclaimers, ask our Head of Operations, Debbie Winstead.

SDAN Research including evidence about voter and volunteer engagement tactics, ask our Director of Research, Mallory Roman.

… guest blog posts, complete this form.

Social Squad, social media content, ask Social Media and Digital Manager, Tifrah Akhtar.

… anything else or you’re not sure, ask your Organizing Dept Staffer, send a Slack to the #volunteer-leaders channel, or email us at [email protected].