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Past Races



In 2018, Sister District directed resources to 32 state legislative candidates in 9 states where we could flip chambers blue, hold chambers blue, or make inroads into badly gerrymandered states. We narrowed huge political gaps created by years of Republican control, putting Democrats on a trajectory to win even more power in 2020 and draw fairer maps in 2021.

We shifted power by electing 16 Democrats to key state chambers ahead of 2021 redistricting.

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  • 80.6% of our candidate fundraising went to women candidates.
  • 54.7% of candidate fundraising went to races decided by <5%.
  • 40.8% of our candidate fundraising went to candidates of color.
  • 90.32% of candidates received more votes than the Democrat running in the last midterm.

We drove progress for Democrats up and down the ballot.

  • Claire Wilson will be the first out lesbian in the Washington State Senate.
  • Padma Kuppa will be the first Indian-American woman in the Michigan state legislature.

  • Melissa Shusterman, Maria Collett, and Liz Hanbidge will be the first Democratic women ever elected to their districts in Pennsylvania.
  • Getting out the vote in Michigan helped pass Proposal 2, which creates an independent redistricting commission, a huge victory against gerrymandering.
  • Getting out the vote in Florida helped pass Amendment 4, which restores voting rights to 1.5 million people disenfranchised by their criminal convictions.
  • We won key races nested in swing congressional districts in Arizona, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Colorado, boosting turnout to help win the House.


Some states have laws that restrict Sister District’s ability to offer this full array of services. In 2018, Maine was an important state for Democrats because the Democrats only needed to flip one Senate seat in order to flip the chamber blue. Although we couldn’t offer our most robust support to candidates in Maine, we believed it is important to highlight a few additional significant state legislative races and provide information and tools for volunteers to get involved where they could.

We highlighted four candidates in Maine in 2018: