Pam Iovino Wins Special Election

April 2, 2019

Democrats celebrate as Pam Iovino clinches first significant blue victory in 2019.

SAN FRANCISCO,CA​- Tonight, the ​Sister District Project​ has announced that Pam Iovino has won the Pennsylvania special election against Republican candidate Doraisamy Raja. The race is the first blue party flip this year and is a great way to kickstart the 2019 election season. In 2016,Trump was victorious in PA-37 by 6 points, and Iovino’s victory now helps move Democrats to just three seats away from flipping the Pennsylvania state senate.

Senator-Elect Pam Iovino is a Pittsburgh native, 23-year U.S. Navy veteran, and served as an Assistant Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs. She has spent her life fighting for Pennsylvanians and her country. Read more about Pam Iovino and her accomplishments ​here​.

In just one month, the Sister District Project raised over $30,000 for Iovino’s campaign. Sister District put the full resources of its 40,000-person volunteer community into the race, making over 17,600 phone calls, and sending 10,000 postcards to constituents. Iovino’s win number was around 30,000, meaning Sister District volunteers reached out to nearly as many people as voted. Last year, Sister District accomplished critical work within the Pennsylvania state legislature, raising over $250,000 for Democratic candidates, whose wins busted the Republican supermajority. Sister District alumni candidates, and now legislators, include Maria Collett and Katie Muth in the state senate, and Melissa Shusterman and Liz Hanbidge in the state house of representatives.

“Pam Iovino’s win tonight is a crucial first step in moving the Pennsylvania state senate one step closer to flipping blue,” said Rita Bosworth, the Executive Director of the Sister District Project.“The Sister District Project is happy to have backed a strong, empowering, and victorious Senator-Elect who served her country, and will now serve the people of the 37th District. Pam’s triumph will truly help in carving an essential pathway for other Democrats in Pennsylvania ahead of 2021 redistricting.”

While the PA-37 seat will be up for election again next year, Iovino’s win now gives her incumbency advantages and puts the chamber in play to flip