Republican Poll Monitoring

May 18, 2020

Sister District Project Releases Statement On Republican Efforts To Shape The Electorate For Upcoming Elections

WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier today, the Sister District Project, a national grassroots organization working to combat Project REDMAP by flipping red state legislative seats blue, released the following statement regarding the new Republican effort to monitor polling locations in upcoming elections:

Time and time again, we’ve seen Republicans try to control who can vote and whose ballots are counted. They do this because they are afraid that if this country truly had free and fair elections, conservatives at every level would lose power. Recently, Republicans announced that they will disperse over 50,000 volunteers to “monitor” polling places and challenge ballots that they deem “suspicious. This is part of their plan to sow chaos and suppress valid votes, a key pillar of their strategy to win any election.

This is not just a national play–the RNC is strategically meddling in state elections to expand on Project REDMAP in key states, limit the voices of the American electorate, and lay the groundwork for Republicans to cry fraud if elections do not result in their favor. There’s a pattern here—a dangerous one—that allows Republicans to intimidate voters and exclude eligible voters who are members of minority communities at will and maintain their hold on government.

We cannot allow the Republican party, which consistently garners fewer votes than the Democrats, to force themselves into power for another decade. Democrats must gear up to defeat Republicans up and down the ballot in November by turning out more voters than we ever have before. Then, and only then, can we enact the long overdue policies to ensure fair districting and an end to voter suppression and voter intimidation, making sure every eligible voter’s voice is heard.