Statement on the Violence in the Capitol

We unequivocally condemn the violent attack on our nation’s Capitol this week. It was not simply the desecration of a sacred building; it was an attempt to destroy democracy itself. We support efforts to remove Donald Trump from office as soon as possible, and it is imperative that all those complicit in this terrorist act be held accountable.

The United States has always conducted a peaceful democratic transfer of power. In November, Americans turned out in record numbers to elect Joe Biden by a margin of over 7 million votes and 306 electoral college votes. The will of the people has been clear for months. Democrats won.

Every court that heard a complaint, including the conservative Supreme Court, affirmed the results of this election. Yet Trump and his Republican enablers, including many state legislators, refused to accept the truth. Instead, they defied the core tenet of our democracy—that the people choose their leaders. They continued to fuel the flames of discord and conspiracy that led directly to the attack, including the deaths of five individuals. Their complicity is now written in our history books in blood.

The law enforcement response to the attack was wholly inadequate, and it stands in stark and painful contrast to how Black people protesting for civil rights have and continue to be treated by police in this country. There was no excuse for their lack of preparation, as this attack was presaged by months of extremist activity in state houses across the country. We must ensure both that democracy can be conducted safely in public and that there is an even-handed application of the law.

America is strong, and our democracy remains intact. We are confident that a new administration will be installed on January 20. And we heartily celebrate the victories of voters and organizers in Georgia that will result in a Democratic trifecta in Washington for the first time in a decade. We denounce all forms of violence, in all our houses of government, and we will continue to be outspoken about our support for democracy.