Redistricting Measures in Missouri

May 18, 2020

Sister District Project Releases Statement On Detrimental Redistricting Measures In Missouri

WASHINGTON, DC – Earlier today, the Sister District Project, a national grassroots organization working to combat Project REDMAP by flipping red state legislative chambers blue, released the following statement regarding Missouri Republicans’ nakedly partisan attempt to gut redistricting reform:

In 2018, 62% of Missourians voted to create a fair districting process and take congressional redistricting out of the hands of partisan politicians. Unfortunately, Missouri Republicans continue to put their own self interest above the will of the people. They have proposed a ballot initiative that would do the opposite of what Missouri voters want and return redistricting power to conservative politicians. To prevent voters from speaking again on this issue, they are also trying to make it harder for courts to strike down unconstitutionally drawn maps.

Enough is enough. In 2018, a strong bipartisan majority of voters made their voices heard–they do not want political parties controlling redistricting. But Republicans would rather steamroll Missouri voters than stand up on their own two feet and run in free and fair elections. The question must be asked—why are they so afraid of fair districts?

By passing this measure in the legislature, Missouri sets a dangerous precedent that will open Pandora’s Box, allowing conservative state legislatures to draw politically advantageous maps and solidify ill-gotten control. Power grabs like this can and will be replicated by majority-Republican states throughout the nation. This effort is an affront to American democracy at its most fundamental level, and voters of every persuasion should strongly and swiftly reject it.