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Arizona Volunteers

Sister District Arizona

State of Arizona

About our team

Sister District Arizona volunteers support Democratic state legislative candidates by fundraising, canvassing, writing postcards, textbanking, and phonebanking. 

We’ve wrapped up a big year! In 2020, we focused on helping candidates right here in AZ (and all of our work helped drive votes up the ticket for Biden/Harris!). We were happy to be part of the larger Sister District effort; volunteers and donors nationwide raised $1.85M in small dollar donations for our 2020 candidates and reached out to over 1 million voters. (You can check out Sister District’s analysis of what happened in this year’s historic election.) 

In 2021, we’ll be supporting special and general election candidates and tackling other opportunities to build power in the states. Please join us! To sign up to volunteer, click the "volunteer" button in the right hand column.

Upcoming Events

Stay tuned! Sign up to volunteer & check your email to stay in the loop, check our Featured Events page for upcoming events in the national Sister District community, and follow us on social media for the latest news.

Our team in action


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