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California Volunteers

Sister District CA Peninsula

Menlo Park to Daly City

About our team


Sister District CA Peninsula is located on the San Francisco Peninsula, from Daly City to Menlo Park, and over to the San Mateo County Coast. Learn all about us in our website,

We work hard, but we really like to have fun doing so! For example, in 2019 our events included an evening with a stand up comedian, a margarita party, a BBQ with a live band, an elegant silent auction/cocktail party, and several fascinating speakers (including for our famous Nerd Night). With this approach, we have been able to attract volunteers and donors and have become one of the most active and productive chapters in Sister District.

In January we will commence fundraising - our 2020 Kick Off fundraiser is on 1/26/20 (proceeds will go to Sister District Project) - and writing postcards.  We will be part of two Sister District Action Network (SDAN) postcard experiments.  The postcards will encourage voters in Texas, North Carolina, Florida, Georgia and Minnesota who strongly support Democrats but who don't usually vote in primary elections, to do so in 2020.

Summary of our work in 2019

  • 15 phone banks (nearly 8700 calls placed).
  • 17 fundraising parties (over $116,000 raised)
  • 13 postcard writing parties (over 17,000 postcards).

In 2019 we supported three excellent candidates:

  • Shelly Simonds (Virginia House District 94), who lost in 2017 after the election tied and her name wasn't picked from a bowl, WON in 2019, and by a wide margin.
  • Cheryl Turpin (Virginia Senate District 7) lost, but came within 514 votes of flipping a longheld Republican district, blue. 
  • Tammy Savoie (Louisiana House District 94) lost, but garnered 14% more votes than the incumbant got in winning the last election.        

Upcoming Events


2020 is our last chance to elect Democrats to state legislatures which will draw electoral maps controlling state and Congressional elections until 2031. We of CA Peninsula want 2020 to be our biggest year yet. We are now planning our calendar of events (will include a professionally presented Quiz Night and an evening with a political comic/songwriter!)  To check out all of our upcoming events, go to our Sister District CA Peninsula Calendar, in our website.

A great way to learn about us is to come to one of our Sister District CA Peninsula monthly meetings, which are held every second Thursday of the month (except December) at 7:00-8:30pm at the Highlands Recreation Center, 1851 Lexington Ave, San Mateo.

Our team in action


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Phonebanking for Introverts

If you're an introvert, you know how scary the idea of calling a stranger can be. That's why I decided to design a voter contact training for Introverts, by an Introvert. The point of the workshop is that it’s not important that we make a bunch of phone calls, rather, that we feel great making phone calls.

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2019 must be about more than impeachment. Thanks to you, it is.

Moments ago, Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced that the House of Representatives will begin impeachment proceedings against President Trump. As new allegations surface about Trump’s illegal dealings with the former Soviet Union, many of us continue to ask how low is too low (still no end in sight). This is likely to galvanize conservatives this fall and heading into 2020, so while the House does its part, let's be sure to do ours.

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