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California Volunteers

Sister District Coastal Los Angeles

Coastal Los Angeles County

About our team

Our team is currently raising money for the GOTV fund! Join us on Sunday, Feb 23 from 5-7pm in Brentwood for a wine tasting with Marianna Caldwell - the sommelier from Cassia. Click here for more details and tickets. 

We will get our candidates in April - at that time we'll switch focus to fundraising for the candidates, phone banking, post carding and canvassing. Stay tuned for updates.

Upcoming Events

Join our Monthly Meeting!



o February 23--Wine Tasting Fundraiser


o March 3--Super Tuesday (VOTE!)


o April 19--Action Meeting


o April 25--Action Meeting/Fundraiser


o May 16--Action Meeting/Fundraiser


o May 17--Action Meeting


o June 14--Action Meeting 


o July 12--Action Meeting


o August 9--Action Meeting


o September 13--Action Meeting


o September 27--Action Meeting


o October 11--Action Meeting


o October 25--Action Meeting


o November 1--Action Meeting


o November 3--Election Day (VOTE!)



Our team in action


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Canvassing Stories from the 2018 Volunteer Trail

Sometimes it’s fun. Sometimes it’s frustrating. But it’s always worth the effort. Here are some of my favorite canvassing stories. I’m sharing the good, the bad, the inspiring and the funny ones, so you know what to expect if you go out to canvass for an election in this installment of What To Expect When You’re Canvassing.

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Phone Banking: Conquering Your Fears, Making a Difference

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