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Oregon Volunteers

Sister District Eugene

Lane County, OR

About our team

We are thrilled to be supporting two excellent candidates in 2020! Brian Farkas and Frances Jackson are both running for the North Carolina House of Representatives. We are so close to being able to flip NC blue, and these two people are going to help make that happen if we help them. The best volunteer effort you can make RIGHT now is to make a donation to Brian and Frances.

Sister District Eugene volunteers work with campaigns to help with fundraising, canvassing, writing postcards, textbanking, and phonebanking. We're always looking for volunteers to help with any of these campaign activities, including small-dollar fundraisers. Please shoot us an email at if you're in the area and want to help out!

In 2019 we supported three candidates running for state office in Virginia and, in so doing, helped flip that state blue.  To sign up to help, click the "VOLUNTEER" button; your Lane County OR zip code will drop you into our SDP EUG emailing list.

Upcoming Events

No public events currently scheduled due to COVID-19 precautions; instead we are working together/at home on postcarding and other campaign activities. As soon as possible we will resume our popular Sunday night trivia nights and in-person postcarding. 

11 am training
11:30 am phoning

We've teamed up with SDP Portland for a virtual phonebanking party every Sunday. It sounds crazy, but it works: chat with other phonebankers, then mute your computer and start calling using your smartphone. Arrive at 11 to get trained, or show up at 11:30 ready to make calls.

More than anything else, phonebanking is what the campaigns are asking for; with canvassing off the table, it's the only way we can have authentic conversations with voters (while cleaning up the phone bank lists of discontinued and wrong numbers, etc.). Call voters in Brian Farkas's district or Frances Jackson's. Try it!


Our team in action


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