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Massachusetts Volunteers

Sister District MA-RI

All of Massachusetts and Rhode Island

About our team

 In 2017, we helped elect John Bell (VA-87) and Jennifer Carroll Foy (VA-2). In 2018, we supported the campaigns of Margaret Good (FL-72)Melissa Shusterman (PA-157), Anton Andrew (PA-160), and Jenn Alford-Teaster (NH Senate-8). In 2019, we helped elect Pam Iovino (PA-37 Senate) and supported the campaigns of Hala Ayala (VA-51), Larry Barnett (VA-27), and John Bell (VA-13 Senate).  

We've also taken part in Sister District Action Network's civic engagement initiatives, forged partnerships with Reclaim Our Vote, MassVOTE, and Ohio Progressive Action Leaders' Mission Vote to expand voter registration, and maintained ongoing relationships with Indivisible and other progressive groups in New England. 

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Upcoming Events

Our volunteers host events all over Massachusetts and Rhode Island. Events are a great way to get involved, find inspiration, and make a difference. We believe anyone can become an activist -- and after getting a taste of what's possible, an organizer too!

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Our team in action


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What to Expect When You’re Canvassing

Canvassing is not always so rewarding. Sometimes, you may knock on three or four doors in a row and get no answer. Each time there’s no answer, you leave a flyer at a house to remind the occupants to vote for your candidate, and you hope they will read it. Then it’s on to the next house, which you reach just as the person you want to talk to is driving away. Maybe she will roll down her car window to ask what you’re doing. You’ll tell her you’re there to ask for her support for your candidate. And maybe she’ll tell you, “No, we don’t vote.” (Even though her name is on your list of registered voters.)

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Why Are States So Important?

Gasp, choke! Trump's EPA is working to choke us to death; read here for how states, particularly CA, are working to clear the air.

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